Need help with furniture placement and awkward fireplace.

Lyndsey Pye
2 months ago

We are in the process of buying a house, and are very excited. The soon to be previous owners did tons of renovations and upgrades. They tore down and moved walls, and the space is much better, BUT they could not move the fireplace. As a result, its pushed up against a wall in a space I have no clue what to do with. I've included photos of the whole living area. Does anyone have an idea of how to better place the furniture? I'm open to going with another layout or keeping it basically the same, but I still cannot figure out what to do with that space in front of the fireplace. I've thought of putting a tall white shelf on that wall to kind of balance out the corner, or putting a small reading space over there. However I don't like the idea of walking in the house and seeing the back of a chair. And a reading book would get zero use. A bar cart? But that far away from the kitchen?

Also to note:

We are getting new seating so are not tied to existing pieces. We are open to sectionals or really anything.

The front door is beside the couch, directly across the room from the fireplace. Door beside fireplace to the back door. Door beside TV is garage.

Our dining table is a little smaller than theirs in scale, but same set up.

Fireplace is woodburning.

The hallway in front of the fireplace goes to bed and baths.

I would love any suggestions at all! Except for renovating anything, its already been done! Thanks in advance!

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