How to fry a single egg

3 months ago

I never fry eggs for myself because I don't like them, but Kevin wants an over easy egg in the morning, and he is having trouble making it before I get up to cook.

I told him he should use the one egg wonder pan, which is about 4.75" at the top, and it was designed to cook a single egg. I think he is using a large pan, probably an 8" pan, even though we also have a 6.5" pan. First of all, he is having trouble cracking the egg without breaking the yolk, and so I will have to teach him about that. I think it might be better if he breaks the egg into a small bowl first and then add the egg to the pan from that.

Second of all, he is having trouble turning the egg, but I think that if he uses the 4" pan that he can cook the egg covered, and then he won't need to turn it. If he does want to turn it, then I think he will need to use a larger pan.

My first suggestion to him was to use a larger cast iron skillet and get the skillet very hot first, so that when he adds the egg that it will cook quickly before spreading too much. Then when the egg is added, turn down the heat and cook it covered (again).

This is similar to what I've seen Jacques Pépin do

What tips do you have for an "over easy" egg?

Kevin puts the egg on a tostado that has my Mexican bean dip spread on it, and he adds some cheese - usually queso fresco or queso añejo to it.

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