Master Bath: Mixing Venetian & Champagne Bronze - quick reply please

Julie R
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Hi folks,

I need to order my plumbing fixtures/trim today for the master bathroom. I've decided on the product line/items; however, I'm mentally wrestling with finishes. I want to ensure the floor mount tub filler looks great - and that the room doesn't feel "heavy".

  • Throughout the house, all other plumbing trim is (Delta) Venetian Bronze
  • Current plan for master bath is for sink faucets and shower trim to be Venetian Bronze
  • Wondering whether floor mount tub filler should be Venetian or Champagne Bronze. Thoughts?
  • Existing trim is gold/chrome bicolor - which I've always hated, TBH. I don't consider myself fundamentally a gold person.

Tub filler will be partially hidden from the front by the tub, as it will be located in the back "corner" of the tub area...but will be fully visible from inside the adjacent frameless glass shower. Tub filler is ~40" tall, and freestanding tub in ~24" tall. (I like the tall filler look.)

  • Tub filler + sink faucets are Delta Cassidy line
  • Shower is likely Delta Linden, in order to get multi-function head. (Just put this into a hall bath and like it.) I don't want/need a "rain" head because I've got tons of hair I don't always want wet - and don't have the space of multiple heads.
  • Tub is Kohler Memoirs 60"
  • New vanity is already onsite.

Here are photos of the major elements and new tiles. Simple/light/clean for core of bathroom (semi-minimalist, just playing with sizes of the same color), and flat pebble accents for shower floor.

Here's photo of existing bathroom. I'm keeping the same floorplan. Vanity will just go from 65" to 60". Soffit will be eliminated. Two lights over sink, one light/vent over shower, window above tub. Pardon the "under renovation" mess/coffee feature :) Also, it's not really a dark room; photo was taken at 5am, and current only one can light has a good bulb.

Thanks for reading. Happy renovating!

P.S. - Existing tiles are cracked throughout, plumbing trim is corroded and needs replacing, and I'm having to do a whole house repipe that's "inspiring" hitting the master bath now. :)

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