help me trim my preorder list

mizu717 f
2 months ago

Hi everyone!

I’m having a hard time narrowing down my preorder list.
I’m still a newbie at rose gardening, I recently was able to purchase a house with west facing and a huge yard that is almost blank slate for me to design as I wish. I’m so excited but I don’t think my SO would be too happy if I spent too much on roses.
I plan on having maybe four climbing roses to go up the sides of the house and drape over the window. I already have a Strawberry hill that is in a 1gal pot currently. I’m a bit nervous preordering off pictures and reviews online. Could anyone share their experiences with the following roses? And if you had to take off a couple which ones would you recommend?

Silver lining
Quick silver
James Galway
Yves piaget

Zone 8b

Thanks everyone!

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