CANNOT grow green/yellow squash anymore! Pls tell me what to do?

2 months ago

Till about 3, maybe 4 year ago, I could grow all the squash I wanted and any variety. Then everything changed. Literally within a few days of planting in the ground the plant gets funky and grows backward and dies. Its the dreaded bug that lays eggs in the main stem. The bug does not waste any time. I have tried different parts of my yard, even at the edge of my perennial beds. Nothing doing. Every plant starts going south within days. This year I tried these two squashes which are supposedly resistant to this bug but they succumbed very quickly too. Any of the other types I planted did not work out either.

I have tried planting later and later in the season, does not work either. Only thing I have not used is an all out insecticide. I dont which ones are effective and can be used on edibles.

What can I do?????? Is there anything I can do?

I hope you can help me with some possibilities.

I dont want to go the rest of my life without growing squash in the summer.


PS I can grow butternut squash and trombocino

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