Freshly painted in FB Stone Blue, what color to paint fireplace?

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Hello, so i moved into this colonial style house which is rather closed off and will likely stay that way, but I have been blessed with this lovely long living room that is just waiting for some finishing touches. It doesnt show in the pic, but in the cieling was a huge gaping hole, cracks from settlement and just outdated wallpaper. We wanted something a little dramatic, but not too much. So a nice midtone lively blue was it. I plan to possibly add in some red-orange, chartreuse /limey green accents including a faux orange tree a couple side tables or cocktail tables. Maybe a corner bookcase to fill in an awkawrd spce which isnt showing and perhaps some fun colorful pillows, artwork and mediterranean/north african personality with a mixture of art deco, mcm and maybe even victorian elements- The Crown anybody? Anyway, we unwittingly purchased furniture when we first moved in and didnt get around to getting it painted for a whole year, now with different ideas for decorating it than we thought, but its done! Finally! However, though natural stone can have its own beauty, it feels out of place. Im not sure if we should paint it white, black, charcoal grey, or some kind of paint tinted lime wash… or even strip the black paint on the mantel and just leave it as is. Meh. I love the white fireplace trend right now, but i have a feeling this isnt the answer for our room as we use it quite a bit in winter and would make clean up annoying & b. The white cement coffee table in front of the fireplace would make for too much white on white…. or would it? I was thinking black, or a soft black and maybe washing the stone lightly with some grey, but I am at a loss. Thays where you come in! Im a little concerned about painting it and then later regretting it so I would love any suggestions including decor elements.

Btw, IRL the color looks a little lighter (midtone), lively and has an unnoticeable green undertone. Thanks so much!

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