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Will a white vanity work with room full of dark brown furniture

9 months ago
last modified: 9 months ago

i have a nursery that i have all the same brown furniture. the crib, chester drawer, and the bed. on the right side of the bed there is a white built in shelf/side table. the walls are pale yellow. the trim is white. I’ve got a glider/recliner from pottery barn that is cream with tan stripes. the theme is whimsical jungle but neutral colors like grey, tan, whites

i want a changing table but i will be using a dresser of some sort but dont want to add any more brown. there is a white vanity that is chalk painted. The room is small considering the crib and the full sized bed. one whole wall has sliding mirrors as the closet doors

just need to know if the white vanity would work i will try to add pictures to post

the white vanity will be under the elephant sticker on the wall nex to the chair

also please excuse all of the stuff all over im am seperating clothes by size and season and its a process lol

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