Ikea kitchen designer recommendations (IKD? Home Reborn? Patricia...?)

last month

We are in the final stages of designing our kitchen with Ikea Sektion cabinets. We have been through a round of design with the Ikea design service. What we need help with now is deciding design details such as how to hang and trim top/bottom of cabinets to best fit in our space (8' ceilings) or stacking upper cabinets so that we have no gap at the ceiling. Additional planning help for maximizing storage, etc. Also would love to just have an extra set of eyes on the design to flesh out any potential problems before we pull this $11,000 trigger.

Is IKD worth it at this stage, since we are almost finished? I would also consider paying for help from one of the pros who have shared so much insight here in the forums, such as Home Reborn or Patricia Cowell Consulting. Can anyone share recommendations?

Picture attached is one of the possible versions with stacked uppers.

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