Is there any way to fix tacky/stick cabinets without repainting?

last month

I had dark wood cabinets painted white by a 'professional' over 5 YEARS ago using Sherwin Williams paint. Unfortunately, the end edges of all cabinet doors and drawers are quite sticky/tacky. I'm fairly confident the painter didn't wait for them to dry properly and painted them in humid conditions (he painted them offsite).

Surprisingly, they're still in really good shape - very few knicks) but I still dislike the way they feel (dirty and gross which is accentuated on when the humidity is high).

Is there anything I can do to fix this other than repainting them? One website suggests talcum powder and car wax - I tried talcum powder but it did nothing, not inclined to trust or try the car wax idea.

If repainting is the best option, would sanding get rid of the tackiness? Would painting the entire surface be necessary or can I get away with just painting the edges (top of the cabinet doors and drawers)?


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