What to do with end of cabinet run next to oven after wall removal?

Alexander Fick
last month
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We removed a load bearing wall between or small kitchen and dining room (both were about 9.5'x9.5' rooms) and now we have this dilemma of what to do about the end cabinets. They are both 9" wide cabinets that previously had a 1.75" filler board next to them with the countertop extending all the way to the former wall. Obviously with it being a small kitchen we are wanting to maximize space while making it feel larger and more open than it really is. There is a french door about 3 feet to the right of these cabinets going to the backyard and there is going to be a range hood installed above the oven .

Current options we are considering but surely haven't thought of all of them:

1.) Putting the filler back up on both base and wall cabinet here and adding a side panel to the cabinets to keep or original counterspace that would be ~12" wide including the overhang.

2.) Replace base cabinet with a 12" cabinet - this would mean making a new cabinet door that matches for the new cabinet but also more cabinet space since the 9" cabinet doesn't hold much at all. For the upper cabinet we'd do the filler and end panel method to the beam.

3.) Some sort of open shelf end to the cabinet rounded/triangular. Not sure what to do about the upper cabinet in this situation.

Any other ideas? Pictures? Also not sure what to do about the toe-kick situation for the end panel if we did option 1, do I build the toe-kick into the panel?

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