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Marie Tulin
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Basic question from a new power tool user

My leaf blower cord and the (heavy duty) extension cord detach from each other with the least tension. Is there a power cord "lock" or mechanism to keep that from happening? Tried making tying a knot between the cords but that's not very effective and a pain when winding the cord for storage.

Next, the knob that controls the blower 'velocity' fell off and was lost. What is it called so I can re-order one OR how can I improvise one. It is nearly impossible for me to grasp the little stub that remains (and I certainly can't do it with gloves)

Third, I've see "the pros' (mow and blow crews" ) use a leaf blower much more effectively than I do.

Sometimes I forget to lift it up when I change positions and just re blow the debris back where it came from.

Tips for the amateur who is a 70 year old with a bad back and more limited stamina than those 30 year old lawn jocks who cover the neighborhood?

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