DA roses no longer being stocked

Good morning!

This morning I got an email from Heirloom saying that several DA roses would no longer be stocked so get 'em while you can. So I'm curious. Does this mean just Heirloom is not stocking them any longer, or is DA pulling them?

I have seen that there are some older DA's that are difficult if not impossible to get, so does DA do like Disney and "put them in the vault" lol? Or do they just all out stop breeding them?

I have admittedly been out of the rose world for a long time (about a decade) but I was surprised to see some of the roses on this list - Abraham Darby, Heritage, Graham Thomas, Jude the Obscure. (Geez, I alone am responsible for at least four purchases of Jude, none of which survived. Perhaps DA is doing me a favor now that I'm buying roses again because I'm sure I'd try Jude a fifth time if I could haha!) I thought these were popular roses that did well in most gardens in general, so I'm surprised to see them pulled - if that is indeed what is happening. Which I think it must be, because why would Heirloom stop stocking them if they were popular?

I had assumed that the older DA's that were no longer available had been surpassed by better roses (healthier, hardier, more disease-resistant, etc) but again, the roses on this list I had thought were pretty popular. Maybe I've missed something in my absence lol.

Wow, thought I would re-enter the wonderful world of roses showing new-found restraint. Now I'm dealing with inner turmoil wondering if should grab a half dozen of these roses before it's too late lol!



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