should I repaint this room?

25 days ago

Just moved into this house & trying to decide about this secondary living space wall color. The walls are painted black & the flooring is a large format black & white tile. Not my jam & it seems the large format tiles are locking me in. The tiles have to stay but I can repaint the wood paneled walls. I put a rug down which helped but could get a bigger one. Just don’t know about the black walls. The room gets little direct light so it’s dark. The black shelves just swallow the decor items up. So if I repaint what color? White? Would it look like I’m inside a white box? Then what to do with fireplace to make it stand out? Or maybe paint the walls a light gray. But how would that blend with floor? Maybe ok if I cover it with bigger rug? Rest of the house walls are agreeable gray. I like those. Looking for suggestions?

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