Alternatives to 5-1-1 mix for citrus in the desert

Hi all,
I finally got my hands on a meiwa kumquat and I'm thinking about what to pot it in. I have a Meyer lemon and a ruby red grapefruit in 5-1-1 mix. I am thinking of trying something else for the kumquat. My reasons for trying something new are I don't think I've been able to properly mix and/or water the 5-1-1. I worry it doesn't retain enough water for my hot Phoenix summers, but I also get a major deleafing 2-4 times per year which seems to be related to over-watering. It's also difficult for me to source the bark fines. While I really appreciate the science behind the mix, I'm also appreciative of trying new things, which will show me to grow more as a gardener.
So, without further ado, what else have people had success with for citrus? Looking at past forums, I've seen Silica recommend MG garden soil, though that seems to be a regional recommendation. I've seen some use Promix. That is hard for me to source locally, but I can get a product called Sunshine #4, which seems to be pretty analogous to Promix HP. My concern with the Sunshine mix is it is ~70% peat, which seems really high based on my understanding of 5-1-1. It also seems that outside the 5-1-1 or gritty mix, everything will be peat based.
I agree with Al's assertion that a potting mix that needs water once every two weeks can't be optimal for plant health. Of commercially available mixes, what have people liked the best. I only have four potted trees right now, so I'm less concerned about mix price.

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