Please help me space out pendants above 10 ft peninsula!

6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

So we are entering the final stage of our renovation. We had 3 holes for 3 pendant lights which looked good to me but just saw they were moved. Turns out the earlier location could have pendants which could bump into the right side cabinet and we only noticed after we put in cabinets.

So my arch directed gc to move the one on right inward and then I guess she wanted to keep middle one centered on sink so it is still there and to keep it evenly spaced that pulled in the one from the left.

The length of the seating area is 120" (10 feet). The first picture shows how it was originally and the second two show how it is now.

My fixture is 13” wide so this looks too tight. They haven't been install yet. Any solutions? Do I need to keep the middle one centered on the sink? Should I move the right one back near cabinet and let it sometimes hit when we open it?

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