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Behr Swiss Coffee for cabinets in bathroom remodel?

V Smith
last month

We’re doing a partial remodel of our main floor bathroom. Floor, toilet, and tub are staying. Sink, fixtures, lighting, and countertop are being replaced. Cabinets (and walls obviously) are being repainted. I’m trying to pick a white for cabinets and walls. I like Behr Swiss Coffee, and have used it for the walls in other parts of the house, but am not sure if it’s too creamy for the countertop and floor. I’ve considered using Swiss Coffee for walls, cabinets, and trim, or using Swiss Coffee for walls and Behr Polar Bear (bright white with warm undertone) for cabinets and trim. My H would prefer a bright white for cabinets and trim and Polar Bear seems to go along with that. I would prefer NOT a bright white for the walls at least.

Also wondering if it’s be better to go with white or bique for the sink. My husband doesn’t want to replace the bisque toilet (not ideal I know, but he’s stubborn). The tub is more of an almond (but since the shower curtain covers it I’m not worrying about it). Fixtures and cabinet handles will be oil rubbed bronze to match the rest of the house.

Sample in pics is Swiss Coffee. Backsplash in pics is part of the new countertop. The floor is kind of a chameleon…sometimes it looks like a cooler gray with purple undertones and sometimes it looks warmer, with green undertones. It’s lighter than it looks in the whole room pics and is closest to the color shown in the last picture with the paint sample.

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