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Guest Bedroom Times Three

last month

When our first child left home, I converted his room to a “proper” guest room. Unfortunately, I chose to re-use his full bed instead of upgrading to a queen. We now have two other bedrooms no longer used by our daughters and would like to rid them of the teenage décor and create two more guest rooms. Since this might get complicated, I will call Bedroom 1 the one with blue walls that was the original guest room. I have moved that full bed to Bedroom 2 which has flamingo pink walls. I replaced it with a new queen bed. (I want a queen bed in Bedroom 1 as it has a private attached bath and will be the most used guest room.) Bedroom 3 has the yellow walls and has a queen bed. Here is what I would like to keep –

  • The three beds, and would like them to remain in the rooms I now have them in.
  • The cedar trunk, the vintage chartreuse lamp, and the blue/white quilt (on the trunk) which all belonged to my mother-in-law
  • The oak wall unit. It is very dated, but I like the storage. It can be moved to a different room.
  • It’s not a must-keep, but I do like the floral bed skirt on the full bed.

I am open to new side tables, lamps, bedding, chairs, window coverings, etc. I expect to paint Bedrooms 2 and 3, but would like to keep the blue walls in Bedroom 1 if possible. The brown drapes in Bedroom 1 would also fit the window in Bedroom 3 and could be moved. Sorry to throw three rooms into one thread, but since I am open to moving side pieces between room, this seemed to make the most sense.

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