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I hired a company to build custom cabinets - ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE.

Ginger Bailey
12 months ago
last modified: 12 months ago

I hired a company to build custom cabinets for my kitchen, and I am unhappy with the results. I know this happens often, but I feel like my situation may be exclusive, or partially. Here are the reasons why:

-I never signed a contract. (they did not present one to me.)

-I gave them the layout of the cabinets I wanted, but they designed the sizes of each cabinet.

I have so many questions:

First, I gave them a $7,000.00 deposit on the cabinets, with the total price supposed to be $9,000.00. They delivered the cabinets yesterday, and they insisted on installing them. They did. I did not pay them the remaining amount I owe, yet.

Are they obligated to fix issues with the cabinets that I have, and am I obligated to pay them the full price of the cabinets without a contract? I need some advice today if possible. I don't know how to move forward.

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