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height of propagated trunk dracena massangeana and yucca

last month

i have a question about the height of dracena massangeana. when it is propagated through a cutted trunk will the trunk grow taller or is it only the shoots that will grow. and is the same for yucca ? like if the original trunk is 6 inches will it be always 6 inches and the shoots will grow more and more or will the trunk get taller at the same time as the shoots. thanks in advance for your answer

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  • tapla (mid-Michigan, USDA z5b-6a)
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Primary growth (extension/ growing longer) takes place immediately proximal to (behind) the very end of every branch and stem in an area called the apical meristem or apex. Once the branch or stem apex is removed by way of pruning/ injury/ herbivory, that branch/ stem is no longer capable of elongation.

    In the rooted cutting below, you can see (by the stub) the branch apex has been removed, so it can no longer elongate; however, removing the branch/ stem apex stimulates growth from latent buds in the axils (crotches) of leaves or immediately above the scars where leaves have fallen off. The new growth in the axils of both of these leaves has produced new branches, complete with their own apex, making them fully capable of elongation. So, while the branch pruned originally cannot elongate, one of the new branches can 'take its place' and made to appear as though it's the new branch leader. If I pruned the short. dead stub back flush to the new branch, it is unlikely you could ever tell the main branch was ever pruned.


  • А Ц
    Original Author
    last month

    thanks a lot for your detailed answer now i know it will only grow through new shoots or latent buds. again yhank you for your answer.