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upstairs renovation: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, hall closet

5 months ago
last modified: yesterday

This is an architect's floor plan for renovating the upstairs bedroom level of our 1970s split level neo-colonial home. We asked for her help converting the four-bedroom, two-bathroom upstairs to a three-bedroom situation where each bedroom has its own bathroom to better accommodate our needs. Out of concern to not devalue the property in the process, I researched the issue and found that, for our size home, just under 2000ft-sq, this increases the value rather than decreasing. We renovated a little downstairs, switching our laundry and powder room spaces. In the process we roughed in the pipes, electrical, and vents for the bathroom upstairs (on the right side of the plan). The other two bathrooms already exist, but the one on the right is new and does not exist yet.

UPDATE: Thanks to suggestions from commenters on this post and an inspirational HOUZZ picture showing the value of shallow storage closets, the current plan (math-corrected) is below:

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