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Seeking opinion from professional cabinet makers/installers

3 months ago

Hello Houzz community,

My husband and I are at the tail end of construction on a house. We’ve hire architects and have a GC in the project. I’m seeking the opinion and insights of professional cabinet makers and installers. Our kitchen cabinets are in the process of being installed and I have a few concerns, namely the finish of the product. On the high recommendation of the architect, we went with a product called Supramat. Has anyone used this before? We are concerned with the appearance of the bands along the sides of the cabinets. There’s what appears to be a shadow line effect but to my eye it looks bad. It looks dirty, almost as if there’s old dust and dirt caught in there. Is this a normal finish? I’m trying to learn more about installation process and perhaps put my expectations into perspective, but I am not pleased with the appearance. I’ve attached photos for everyone to look at. Is this poor install or is this to be expected from white cabinets?

Thank you for your help.

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