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Are some swamp milkweed cultivars more drought tolerant than others?

8 months ago

I have clayish rocky soil in southwest Missouri and have to do a bit more watering than I like in late July and August when it's hot. I want to add more a. incarnata for my monarchs but would rather get a cultivar that's not going to die if I get busy and forget to water for a few days if there is such a thing. Or is the species more drought tolerant?

The only a. incarnata I have now is 'Cinderella' (actually two) in large containers on my patio. The hose is handy there and I kept an oversize dish under them during our heat wave so they would get plenty of water. I know some milkweed species are more drought tolerant. We have quite a bit of a. syriaca in our hayfield which I use for monarchs until it gets baled. I really don't want it in my yard though because it likes my rocky clayish soil a bit too much.

I would like to grow more swamp milkweed from seed to plant in my yard but wondering if I get seeds from a particular cultivar or variation if they might tolerate my occasional neglect better. : )

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