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I have a question about what colors would update my home?

last month

I have a question about what paint colors would update my home and work well with the bricks. I want to add shutters and paint them in SW Seaworthy or something similar. On the wall space I would like to go with SW Oyster Bay or SW Jasperstone for contrast. I tried some lighter tones but they did not look good with the brick and I think I prefer these more subdued tones for richness as well as a subtle contrast. My porch pretty much has indirect sunlight almost the entire day until the sun starts going down. Aslo, I am considering black trim and the front door in a blue black. My roof looks brown at times and then sometimes looks grey. I will also be adding shades on the inside of the doors and garden /landscape is being worked on. Your suggestions are greatly appreiciated.

Also, I like the wall color on photo 1 and 8. I like the trim on photo 8 in the following link.

I like the door color(maybe slightly darker or richer tone) with the brick in the following link.

Overall the feeling I would like to achieve is for my home to look more current yet with a richness using some blues and blue green grey contrast with black trim and blue black door.

If I am totally off track then let me know your thoughts without having to paint the brick. That is a last resort to me.

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    last month

    Your columns (the two flanking the door) are oddly placed, and there should be a beam for the columns to support. I've shown how moving the two center ones in. I think larger columns would also look good.

    Your fascia and gutter color should match.

    I would experiment with a darker siding color complementing the brick, and a lighter door color.

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  • last month

    Thank you for your suggestions and examples. I appreciate it.

  • last month

    BM Nantucket Gray would look good with the brick. Not really a gray color, but more of a khaki. Of course, don't do the blue shutters with that color!

    Kelly Coker thanked chispa
  • last month

    Got it. Thank you for your suggestions. I will check it out. I appreciate it.

  • last month

    I think the shutters in Beverlys photo, improve the house a lot, and maybe you really dont have to paint the house, to get a much nicer exterior look. Hopefully, your landscaping will include sidewalks.

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  • last month

    I'd be tempted to add shutters in the blue in pic #3 and make the door a darker color and be done. Unless, of course, the siding needs painting. I'd not sure the blue in pic #3 will go with the moody blue-greens you like, but that color scheme is fine.

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  • last month

    I agree that Beverly’s rendition with shutters solves the problem of the huge “white middle”. Buy some poster board and use that to try different paint colors on the “shutters”. Make sure to cut them thick enough to mimic real shutters.

    SW Urbane Bronze looks good with a lot of brick houses. SW Rockwood Shutter Green or Westhaven are two other dark greens.

    Wait to repaint your front door. Figure out the shutters -and if you want to beef up the columns - first. I think the style of your door is perfect, though I understand the need for some kind of privacy option.

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  • last month

    What are those 2 black circles under two or your posts. Can you do something to
    make them less obvious?

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  • last month

    Thank all of you for your input thus far. Yes, for me the shutters are a must. The 2 black circles below the columns are decorative vents for show only. But the garden will actually make them much less noticeable. The landscape & garden will include walkways as well. Much to do. I just need to nail down the right colors!

  • last month

    I would box the posts and do a railing around the porch. The hanging baskets look awful, please don’t do that.

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  • last month

    Blue for shutters and front door. The white you have now on the clapboard looks fine.

    Get some greenery around the house and ferns for the porch.

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    last month

    Ferns on the porch are a Southern tradition.

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    last month
    last modified: last month

    I do not like blues with brick at all. I do like greens and this is always one of my fave for a shade of green . I do not think black windows look good with the addition of shutters one is midern farmhouse the other not. Shakes IMO do not belong anywhere on that home . I went to your idea book and honestly this house is nothing like most of the homes there. So what you have and what you like are a long way apart. Stop right now and pick a style not just slapping stuff on to make this something it is not This is the color I like with brick

    Kelly Coker thanked Patricia Colwell Consulting
  • 29 days ago

    Blues look wonderful with brick, although it may give the house a bit of an Americana feel.

  • 29 days ago

    I can tell that some things are personal preference/taste and color seems to be just that as we can tell through all of the comments. ShadyWillowFarm, thank you. I have seen some beautiful homes with the "Correct color blue with reddish/brown brick" that do look beautiful. Also, agreeing with Patricia Coldwell, greens do a nice job with the brick too. So, I am getting samples of colors to try for the back wall and the shutters. The back wall is hardy board and the color on it appears to have too much yellow undertone which I have never liked. Once I figure out the backdrop color and the shutters that I will definitely be adding to the home, then the trim and the door should be easier to envision.

    My porch depth can get crowded easily so that is why there is no rail or boxing in. I personally am not a fan of all of the hanging baskets, on my home. However, once the garden, landscape and sidewalks are completed and a pot of flowers on each side of the steps; I think everything together will help complete the look with the painting and shutters. It may take me a while to get this right but I will.

    I appreciate all of your suggestions and time. I will come back to post the completed work. Any other suggestions until then I will consider as well.

  • 29 days ago

    Re blue with red brick - the ship has sailed, there is blue gray in the roof so now the question becomes how to make all these components work together. Personal likes and dislikes isnt the question so adding a forth color, green, not a good idea... unless perhaps a blue-r green-gray. OP, since the goal is, or should be to get the big white front piece to blend in/ become a part of the rest of the house, are you open to painting that at all with white (should be a beigier white like your tuckpointing) reserved as accent.

  • 29 days ago

    Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    The roof sometimes appears gray and other times appears brownish. It has been a headache trying to tell its true color. I have even asked neighbors what color it is and the feedback is grey or brownish.

    I hear the rest of what you are saying, "so now the question becomes how to make all these components work together and since the goal is, or should be to get the big white front piece to blend in/ become a part of the rest of the house"? That is my end goal!! And that is why I posted here on Houzz. I need the help. I like the blue-r green-gray option. That is some of what I said in my original post, I believe. Do you have a color suggestion for the specific colors on the wall or shutters or both?