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Daylily Photos From Very Cool Mornings

last month

With overnight temperatures the past two nights in the 50s, some daylilies can't open, toothy cultivars are missing their teeth, and some daylilies have take on very blue tones.

I'd never seen Once Bitten Twice Shy looking blue until yesterday. Yes, it was blue, but missing all its teeth.

Yoga Man has looked blue before - but never quite this sky blue color.

Linda Beck usually has a lot of red in the petal color. I don't remember ever seeing it look this blue purple.

Lunar Empire is looking good, and opened well despite the low temps. I grew this cultivar in a pot for many years and then lost it two years ago. I liked it so much I repurchased it from Mike Derrow.

Moon Shimmers is another yellow with a fancy edge that had no trouble opening this morning. This one is going to live with Kate after the season is over.

Garry's Favorite also opened well.

Pickup Lines

Browns Ferry Queen of Hearts

Ocean Wild - This one went home with a visitor today.

Crowning Fire X Woman in Red #1

Buddy's Victoria Jade X Skin of My Teeth - The petal color is really much darker than this - almost a black purple.


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