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No demo reno to embrace my kitchen cabinets!

last month

I just bought a home that was built in the early 2000s. I feel like this “Tuscan”/Olive Garden style is very nostalgic and feels homey to me so I’d like to embrace the kitchen. I want to keep the cabinets as they are, so no paint or stain suggestions. I’m also going to keep tile floors and counters for the time being, so I’m looking for ideas to embrace but modernize the space. The current owners have a farmhouse style, and I definitely prefer jewel and earth tones! So give me ideas for wall colors, backsplash, hardware changes, barstools, etc!

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  • last month
    last modified: last month

    I think the wall color looks great with the floors, wood and counter tops. I do think new light fixtures and hardware will make a big impact. I think real brass would be nice with the other gold tones. Also window treatments for the eating nook would update the space.

  • last month

    I'd have loved to comment, but roarah nailed it. I love that look with those lamps roarah. Great idea.

  • last month

    You are keeping the cabinets, counters and floors as they are, but you want to make a change. That leaves the wall color, appliances, and sure, lighting.

    Wall Color. You call it Olive Garden style, perhaps because of the wall color, but that is one of the colors recommended for orange cabinets. Other options are shown below, and are basically cream, grey grey, or orange.

    Appliances. Everything looks stainless except for the side of your fridge. You can address the grey blob by installing a tall cabinet end there. Or just get used to it. When you are ready to upgrade appliances, let us know.

    Lighting. You can start with your can lights. Upgrade to warm LEDs. Your undersized pendants could become canopy pendants as you have single bases.

    I’m assuming the Farmhouse sign will go. Theres really not much else there.

  • last month
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    do the counters and floor read yellow or gold/ together? thats a lot of that tone, if so.....but it might be better to work w it rather than replace since they are coordinated it appears.

    bar stools/ pendants and hardware would provide opportunity. then any wall color changes or window treatments to follow.

    these are nice then the all out move to "jewel " tones w rug under table/ window fabric valance or panels etc.

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  • last month

    I like the idea of ditching the grey walls, but say more about where you would paint the walls as these walls are contiguous to and in some cases part of the eating area and living room. Where would you imagine stopping and starting a new wall color?

    I would not add a new backsplash with the bossy counters and cabinets. The splash that is already there suffices.

    This room already is very earth toned so I'd lean into it, especially since you are cool with the Olive Garden look. Sorry, I don't see jewel tones looking right in here. I'm not digging the green and blue suggestions below for your space.

    For for more texture to add interest and contrast all the hard surfaces. Woven stools and a feeling to texture to the pendents?

    The current hardware blends in nicely. The cabinets have a lot of architectural features built-in and too much of a hardware look will be too much look.

    What table and chairs will you be using?

  • last month

    We 100% plan to change the color temp of the cans! We will also change bulbs on new light fixtures.

    I think I could tie a lot of our current furniture to a modern FH/transitional style but a lot of these seem to rely on whites/cream and we’re working with a lot of yellows/browns. I have espresso wood and dark grey furniture. In the nook would be a 4 person rectangular high top table in espresso. The current chairs are high back barstools with grey fabric and espresso legs. Maybe a few covers in one of the suggested cooler neutral tones could provide cohesion to a new wall color in the kitchen?

    I was considering a white (colored?) subway tile backsplash under the cabinets on the wall with the stove (and possibly the nook where the ice machine is). We also plan to add under cabinet lighting so the reflection may improve the dark/yellow atmosphere.

  • last month

    There really is no point in changing your backsplash if you are keeping “tile floors and counters for the time being.” Move in, live with it, make changes when you can afford to. In the meanwhile, google images of kitchens you actually like that have the same materials you are trying to make peace with. They will point you in the right direction.

    You are really asking about kitchen decoration, as opposed to making substantial kitchen changes. You might want to take a look at the decorating threads. There might be more advice for you there.

  • last month

    but a lot of these seem to rely on whites/cream and we’re working with a lot of yellows/browns.

    Your reasoning about the white furniture holds rue for white subway tile too. Probably not the best look in here.

    Get everything else in place, leave splash for the last and xhances are you will decide you dont need it.

  • last month
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    On my phone your walls look sage green not grey. What color are they in real life?

  • 29 days ago

    Walls are grey.

    I’m considering moving the microwave and doing a matte black range to pull the black from the counters. Maybe remove the upper by the ice maker and do two open shelves? I think I may need to go a “modern” route and think black, matte and sleek.