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Some FFEs some favorites a garden shot or two

last month

Bob Marley blooming Big.

Game Night (still in a pot)

Curiosity Cat

Pink Tarantula

Vanilla Gorilla

FFE: Crazy Kate

FFO: Golden Delicious

FFO: Holiday Ribbons

Blue Dolphin

White Eyes Pink Dragon


Comments (9)

  • last month

    Garden shots as promised

    Across from Left Front

    right Front

    Side Bed

    New section of Right Front


  • last month

    Beatiful dayliles as usual! Your garden looks so inviting.

    I am really getting to like the uf types so of course, Pink Tarantula is a favorite. Bob Marley is a blooming machine. We haven't had any flowers open yet on Bob. I love the shape on Holiday Ribbons. I love the cascading ones!


    organic_kitten thanked hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
  • last month

    Wow! Those clumps of Bob Marley and Pink Tarantula are amazing! Those two really love to bloom big time, don't they? Crazy Kate and Golden Delicious are so pretty! And, of course, I enjoy seeing all your garden shots.


    organic_kitten thanked shive
  • last month

    Gotta say the same as Debra about Bob Marley and Pink Tarantula, they are just jaw dropping gorgeous. Nice one too of White Eyes Pink dragon. Great garden pictures too.

    organic_kitten thanked Nancy 6b
  • last month

    Nancy, Debra, and Nancy. last year Pink Tarantula was not the bloomer it had always been so I am glad to see it bloom like usual again. Bob Marley has always been a really good bloomer here. I am beginning to see a fair amount of rebloom now....Love Struck Linda has put up some scapes, Spoken in Parables has put up almost as many as in the beginning and Fighting Fire has started blooming again from reblooms. Quite a few others are putting up scapes and blooming, but not as many as some years.


  • last month

    Bob Marley is so vigorous. Later here. I know that you pictured Pink Tarantula earlier, and it wasn't blooming that much. How that has changed! Curiosity Cat looks like an appealing Reed.

    organic_kitten thanked mantis__oh
  • last month

    Great clumps!! Like others, I am drawn to Bob Marley and Pink Tarantula-they are fantastic. My Blue Dolphin began blooming this week. And I have a scape and buds that will open soon on Crazy Kate-thank you! The garden shots are lovely!!!

    organic_kitten thanked lilykate7a
  • last month

    Mantis, Pink Tarantula is back in top blooming form. Last year was an outlier for some reason with moderate blooming. Curisoity Cat is a nice bloomer and I enjoy it for the form and the colr.

    Thanks, Kate...I am glad Crazy Kate is going to bloom. It is a nice big pretty bloom. Glad blue Dolphin is giving you blooms too. Nice spots in a rough year.

    Thank you, Julia. I hope your Bob Marley gives you nice clumps, It is a great color. I always like to see garden photos and I don't know how much longer there will be great blooms.