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Using 3 Poufs as Coffee Table and Footstools

last month


My husband and I are awaiting the arrival of our new couch!!

We originally wanted a sectional so my husband could stretch out his feet. Right now he puts his feet up on our coffee table.

We fell in love with the Structure Maui couch in charcoal:

It is not a sectional, so I still have to address the issue of providing something - besides our coffee table- for my husband to put up his feet.

I'm thinking of replacing the coffee table with a collection of 3 poufs. One larger to use as a mock coffee table/surface of some kind to put things on. Then 2 smaller sizes for my husband to put his feet on, and an extra if I want one, to balance the look and/or use for another function as needed.

I can't seem to find any images to show what I was thinking. When I search poufs as coffee tables, I get results that show just one larger pouf- which I want to avoid because I don't want feet up on the space where I put things.

What are your thoughts? Any other ideas?

In terms of poufs, I've attached some pictures of ones I like.

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