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Help with kitchen backsplash

22 days ago
last modified: 22 days ago

I had a recent kitchen remodel and after a year of living with it I think I may have to change the backsplash. Most of my kitchen is modern as is the backsplash. I will post photos and any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Here are some photos of what im talking about

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  • 22 days ago

    They posted in your second post.

    I think a simple subway shape in a shade of light to medium grey or very subtle green-grey is the way to go here. A glass tile might look really good in this space.

  • 22 days ago

    Is this a condo kitchen or basement? Open to a living space?

    I agree, the backsplash is busy. I personally would have chosen a simple white tile, even a verticle tile, or stacked subway... the artwork is a bit high, everything should be eye level (center)

    Do you need a ceiling fan? a hanging fixture would add more interest. I'd paint the wall black under the peninsula I'd swap the bar stoools for the table stools.

  • 22 days ago

    I agree with simple subway. For that small space I’d use a solid color…a soft white that blends with the cabinets.

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  • 22 days ago

    It is a kitchen condo which is very open. I think its a good idea to swap out the chairs. I was thinking of taking the backsplash off the side walls by the microwave and putting in different cabinet doors to tie in the modern look. The lights are LED in the wall lights. Paint what black, do you mean under the bar

  • 22 days ago

    Yes it is open to a living space. Dining room and living room

  • 22 days ago

    Chloebud the cabinets are a brite white it would be hard to get a white that blends in with that I was thinking light gray because my floors are laminate grey. The pic of the floor is below

  • 22 days ago

    Got it…it was hard to tell for sure from your photos. A light gray could also work.

  • 22 days ago

    I ordered some pure white bar stools and I have purchased some solid white canisters. I going to get estimates on how much to take out either all of it or just the right side

  • 22 days ago

    When you do replace the backsplash consider only replacing the areas in yellow. I would bring the full height side splash out as far as the microwave cabinet. If you want to continue it along that wall, consider a 2” high (vs. the traditional 4”) piece of material.

  • PRO
    22 days ago
    last modified: 22 days ago

    it's a very small space w/a lot of black and gray.

    the last thing I'd do is a plain white subway. (besides, it really doesn't go w/your style)

    Here's what I'd do besides the tile. (I know that's all you asked, but sorry, these other things will make it look better overall)

    warm up the space by bringing in two walnut shelves on the wall listed below.

    You need diff counter stools. two pendant lights might be a nice addition.

    your artwork is too high. measure from floor to the MIDDLE of the pic, should be between 56-60". that's eye level.

    Another shot of wood shelves on a peninsula. the sconce is nice too.

    If you do nothing else, do the walnut shelves. They are an easy DIY project too.

    These are white oak-can be ordered from Etsy. love the way it's styled too. and sconce

    I really like these counter chairs for you space. warm it up a bit.

    I'd do a diff table and chairs, but that's me.

    you could do a more modern black w/white marble, or black marble and SS base,

    or, try some wood

    or maybe find a table like this, w/wood chairs. more mcm style.

    Backsplash. No generic white subway laid in the country layout. yawn.

    You could lay it vertical

    or this vertical stack. a black zellige tile would always look good

    Similar countertop to yours.

    What about a more modern Japanese finger tile or KitKat tiles?

    They come in every color and size.

    Heres my photoshop w/black kitkats, more modern hardware(amazon) and your really need a fridge surround w/upper storage you can reach.

    Please. black outlets over dark tile.

    These surrounds are easy to DIY, or you can buy them, modify the top so that it's open or closed. the top should come out more to where you can reach it.

    Knurled Hardware-Renergy on Amazon. inexpensive, would look so much better

    This matte black pennyround tile is also a nice look, especially w/the walnut shelves

    MOP penny

    here's the white Mini KitKat tile w/the black countertop. Look at Sevilla kitkat tiles online

    Tilebar has tile similar to the kitkat in diff colors.

    you can get 5 samples for $5 here

    Here's your gray subway tile w/black counter. I like my choices better.

    Tilebar Portmore tile in the gray, (same thing under Kingston tile on Wayfair or home depot)

    How about this textured porcelain tile? at Tilebar.

    Easton Summit. many colors

    some other tile examples for you to look at

    Houzz has a lot of these tiles in all diff color. here's the white. look at the gray speckle

    Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Sevilla 3.5"x0.5" Mini Kit Kat Fingers Glossy Soft White · More Info

    Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile Sevilla 6"x1" Finger Glossy Light Gray, Sample · More Info

    dusky blue is nice too

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  • 22 days ago

    Wow I like the idea of wood shelves. That woul;d warm it up. But I do have toi mention im in no way a diy guy. I have no mechanical skills, lmao. Im just being honest and thanks so much for all your help. I think the Backsplash is definably coming off the right wall first. I dont know about the rest of it it depends on the price I get. I love the black vertical tiles, but dont you think that would be to dark. I like the kitchen table idea and those camel looking bar stools. Do you know where I can get them? Also the lights above the bar kind of defeat the purpose of the LEDs., dont you think. Plus not to mention what it would cost to put them in.. When I had this Kitchen re done I was going for a modern look. You should have seen it before this. ugly 60s style and completely closed off from all the other rooms. I hated it!!!!! Thanks so much for all your suggestions. I am definatly going to use some of them.

  • PRO
    22 days ago
    last modified: 22 days ago

    to avoid it being too dark, I recommend an LED under cabiinet light. super easy to install. make sure to get a 4000K bulb or natural/cool temp in those.

    the pendants above the bar,,,,they're more for design. I have my pendants on a seperate switch so I can just have those on instead of all of them

    YOu can see the under cab light in this pic also. just plugs in. I leave it on 24/7.

    wood shelves. I made these myself. If you don't think you can handle getting wood boards, cutting them to size, sanding, staining/sealing, and using some kind of bracket drilled into your studs, then perhaps get a friend or watch a youtube video. these solid walnut shelves cost me $45 for the wood.

    I did the cement tile splash myself too.

    but you can always buy premade shelves and brackets. Etsy has tons of these, any size you like, do a min of 1". 1.5" might be better there these are 1"

    1.5 here, *heck, go to HD get some DougFir boards cut to size, stain them, (sand first) seal. buy brackets

    look up Leather counter chairs/stools and see what comes up. they're all over.

    Ditto table.

    Oval marble top bar table? pub table? MCM small oval table?

    The tiles I wouldn't worry about price. you have like 10Sq feet, if that. and please, do NOT do the side wall.

    and, if you did the surround, you could put a wood shelf over the sink

    I gave you a few links. I like the KitKat tiles. has loads of tiles. 5 for $5 samples.

    Bedrosians is another. go there and click on Backsplash tiles and you'll see pages.

    If you want more modern, switch out those pulls. you don't have many so it's not expensive.

    on amazon, search, Romatee Hardware. lots of choices.

    I would look up DIY fridge surround, just so you get an idea of whats available. you can always purchase something too. It's just that cab above sits so far back, it looks weird.

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  • 21 days ago

    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions they were all great and Im working on changing some right away. I spent a a lot on this kitchen so money is an issue. Please keep that in mind. I had no help and I wanted to keep it ultra modern,but I guess i failed at that.

  • PRO
    21 days ago

    HU, you didn't fail. you did a nice job. just a few tweaks that won't cost a lot to give you more of a modern look. that's all you need.

    I think the wood shelves (which you can do yourself. have faith! watch some videos) will be a nice improvement and lend some warmth, ditto the pulls. Both of these additions cost less than 100 bucks, if you can do the shelves yourself.

    (if you need help and want me to walk you through it, let me know)

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  • 21 days ago

    These are some ideas I came up with. Any thoughts would be appreciated and thanks again.

  • 21 days ago

    Hey Beth I am in no way a diy guy so. Ill have to add labor and now I see no way to keep the backsplash I have I dont think. Your thoughts and thanks again i appreciate it

  • PRO
    21 days ago
    last modified: 21 days ago

    you don't have to be a DIY person. you can buy the shelves if you like, and the brackets. just make sure your screw them into a stud in the wall so they hang straight and don't droop.

    (or, if you're hiring someone to do the tile, maybe they can do the shelves for you)

    found these, pair, for 112 bucks

    or these

    I like the kitkat tiles done in the vertical like you have pictured.

    Lots of diff shades.

    this is Ocean Blue and u can get them on wayfair.

    Black marble

    They have these fluted tiles in a cobalt

    more of a cobalt blue

    these are concave w/blue tinged edging

    Home Depot has these

    cheaper option but still modern, pennyround tiles

    look at what's on sale here, see if you like anything

    why not get some samples, bring them back and see what you like?

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  • 21 days ago

    I don’t want to rain on your parade, I love blue, and you should get whatever tile you like, but there is wisdom in keeping the permanent components of a kitchen neutral and bringing color in in other ways. It allows you to change your look whenever you feel like it with very little associated cost, and it is better for re-sale should you find yourself in the market in future. Because the space is so petite I would choose one of the 3 colors you already have in it, black, grey, or off white. Because you are drawn to rectangles again, I’m giving you a more voluptuous Paseo tile to consider in French Linen. It is much lighter than the blues you are looking at and will bounce light around the space beautifully - something the tiles you are looking at absolutely do not do.

    You can bring in your blues in plates, vases, towels, bakeware, and art.

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  • 20 days ago

    White tiles on your small backsplash area will definitely lighten it. There are so many “white tiles” that are interesting. And you need so few that you can soplurge. Here are some I found on Wayfair. is fabulous because you can buy 5 samples for $5 and they have a visualizer tool.
    Of these three, I like the square ones the best.

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  • 20 days ago

    First I want to thank everybody who have been helping me , it is greatly appreciated. I did some reseach and found out that I can put stone over the existing backsplash or a concrete coating mix. Tile bar has some nice ones and MSI. I love the black but it might be to dark. Any thoughts once again will be appreciated.

  • 20 days ago

    HU -2595 - see why I suggested that you start your own post re: changing your backsplash vs. adding it to the end of a four year old post??!! I knew that you’d receive many good ideas!

    While I understand why many people will suggest that you keep more permanent elements (like tile) neutral, and add color with accessories that can be easily changed - you have such a small amount of tile, it seems like an easy decision to add a cool tile. Plus, selecting tile for a kitchen backsplash is not like selecting tile for a shower/tub surround (where you can‘t just remove the tile without ruining the waterproofing).

    There are so many beautiful tiles available - it would be difficult for me to select a ”safe” choice. I’d want to select something that is unique/beautiful vs. something safe.

    Beth H is my tile guru here on Houzz - she has taught me so much about tile + installing tile over the past three years. She takes more risks (her bathroom has five (pretty sure that’s correct) different tiles - and it works. The tiles were thoughtfully selected in order to work together. Her bathroom really shows how she has a talent for selecting tiles (among other talents re: interior design + adding accessories).

    Based upon her encouragement, I built walnut shelves for my sister’s house - and I was a DIY NOVICE! I watched several YouTube videos - it wasn’t that difficult.

    If you are limited re: building shelves due to living in a condo, I would look up items on Etsy - you can order custom length shelves for not a lot of money (if walnut shelves are too expensive, you can always use a less expensive species of wood and stain them the color that you’d like).

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  • 20 days ago

    Yes Red Ryder I love the visualizer tool but it looks like im just going to have to go over the old tile it is going to cost too much and is to much of a mess to do.

  • 20 days ago

    Its either going to be ceramic coated or stone. I also foud a company called texture plus who sells interlocking tiles that will go over the existing ones. But I still have to take off or paint the tiles on the right side. I think im just going to paint over them the same color of the wall

  • 20 days ago

    Thanks Dani yes you were correct and I also think all those neutral colors people are talking about is okay. After looking at them on a visualizer they just get lost in the cabinets. Thanks again.

  • PRO
    20 days ago
    last modified: 20 days ago

    do not paint over those tiles. just remove them and patch.

    I'd remove the other tiles too. it's not that big of a deal. tiling over glass isn't the best for mortar to adhere too. just remove them. even if you mess up the wall behind, you can get a piece of greenboard and replace the back wall. your tile guy can do it.

    when I took down my old backsplash the substrate came with it.

    I just cut a new piece of greenboard and screwed it to the studs. patched the holes.

    plus, you don't changed the depth of your working space, even if it is only an inch.

    (that goes for the thin strip over on the peninsula too. carefully remove. no need for tile there.

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  • 20 days ago

    Thanks Beth so much. Okay ill find out how much it cost to take them all out. What did you think about some of the tiles I picked out? Thanks again

  • PRO
    20 days ago

    I need actual pics not mock ups.

    the blue is throwing me since there is nothing in the room that's blue.

    I don't care for any of the last 4 pictures

  • 20 days ago

    Out of the last 4 pics, I liked #3 the best (black squares). I think it's going to be really hard to get a white/off-white that looks good with your cabinets; and those pretty blue tiles (1, 2, and 4) have a cool grey tone to them -- so they also look off with your warm cabs.

  • PRO
    20 days ago
    last modified: 20 days ago

    rather than squares, which belong in a bathroom, you could do a black geometric w/either a gray or white grout. (or, even the pennyrounds that I already mentioned)

    geo is modern.

    stay away from the linear bar mosaics.

    choose the KitKats, the geo design, pennies or a 2x6 or 2x8 subway in a stacked pattern.

    Or, I like these from Mineral Tiles.

    black hex w/brass, and one w/a gold color on marble

    then, change your hardware to Knurled gold or black pulls (amazon has them)



    elongated hex

    this basalt w/gold dots is nice too. (be sure to seal this FIRST before installing. trust me. seal it.)

    I do like the linear longer black slate tiles. looks nice w/the black and gold and wood

    they also carry this marble chevron mosaic

    that's it. don't ask for any other options!

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  • 20 days ago

    Thanks Beth for all the help and I wont. Sorry if it irritated you.

  • PRO
    20 days ago
    last modified: 20 days ago

    lol. no, not irritated. I just don't know how many times I can keep recommending what I think will work. I've done a ton of backsplashes. I've seen all the others you're posting. If you like it, then you go for it! I've posted what I think will work in your kitchen. I'm sure I've missed some, but based on the more modern feel you like, I think these would work.

    black/white, maybe gray. mabye a slate blue w/black like the kitkat one),,,,but cobalt? w/nothing else blue in the vicinity? no. if you had bold blue art on the wall, maybe some blue dishes, a blue runner, I'd say OK. otherwise, no.

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  • PRO
    20 days ago
    last modified: 20 days ago

    so, a little better, but i see more red than blue. that is not enough to warrant a blue tile splash. its just not going to blend.

    the art I posted is better because it's just blk/white and blue.

    the one you have are all sorts of reds/blues/yellows/gold.

    and the other picture, looks like it's randomly hung there.

    Get the shelves.

    pick a splash that is going to make you happy. you're the one living there!

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  • 20 days ago

    Yea Im not going with blue its not good for resale either. Its hard to see but the big pic is full of a ton of colors. Im getting shelves tomorrow

  • 20 days ago

    Also camel color bar stools and I already have the black with gold cabinet

    pulls Thanks again.

  • PRO
    20 days ago
    last modified: 20 days ago

    I like the stools . nice choice.

    can't wait to see how the shelves will look.

    I'd go with either a black, a white, or black/white mosaic tile.

    Here, let me show you my mockup w/everything that I'd do. give or take.

    Lots of pics!

    First, let me show you a more modern kitchen that's almost identical in layout to yours

    (not sure who designed your kitchen, but I would have done yours this way. stove against the wall, sink in the island)

    another small one showing the sink in the peninsula. and a row of cabinets . I know this fridge is in a diff spot though.

    Few things I'd like you copy.

    1. The fridge surround. you see how nice it looks encased in a white cabinet w/the uppers that come forward? so much nicer. splurge and buy a fridge surround (they aren't expensive). paint it to match your cabient color.

    2. I like the contrasting paint color on the walls. i think you could pick a better tone for yours.

    3. I know we talked about pendants. these are just a example.

    And here's my mock-up for you

    I gave you a black fridge w/a surround(and the upper cab pulled forward), a diff looking micro, a shelf over the sink, brass faucet, the black/gold hex tile, some colorful accents and the leather counter chairs you like. (don't forget the black/gld outlets and gold hardware)

    Compare to what you have without the fridge surround, black fridge and your black-hole micro

    just an example of simple wood shelves w/proper staging of matte black asian insipired pottery/bowls, and some white pots w/greenery.

    here's another way to do your shelves along w/some other hanging accesory for kitchen items.

    what if you painted that one wall a diff color? (ignore the cutting boards, imagine your art)

    some colors that might work:

    could you move the micro to the peninsula like this?

    diff color micro SS and black

    diff style of micro. you see the trim kit going around the outer edges? gives it more of a polished finish. just an idea

    I wanted to show you this combo w/the black and white. this is a marble (or white thassos) chevron mosaic tile backsplash w/light gray grout. Simple gold pulls. I kind of like the black accent trim w/the glass on the other cab

    maybe at some point you could do this GE Cafe. I like the black sides on this. you prob wouldn't need the surround if you did this

    but you could still have someone DIY the upper cab/shelf above it.

    something like this? (but in a more modern finish)

    this way you'll get some additional storage, that's deeper. you could put your doors on it too

    Check out this DIY frdige surround they did it in black,

    So I imposed it here on your photo. gave you some diff wood shelves w/brackets, sconce,

    Or, maybe this one. hire someone. there's even a video on how to do it

    Or, you could build something like this to give you more storage

    I keep nitpicking on this fridge because it plays such a large role in the overall look of the kitchen. if you can't afford to do the surround or get a diff fridge now, save up what you can and do it next year.

    btw, totally forgot about the suspended shelving. they have it in brass and wood, or any other combo

    Kind of different,no?

    Peninsula ideas for the front kick area

    I like the fluted wood-accent idea. you can buy it like this, stain or paint it

    I also really like this blk/white hex tile (Aster hex porcelain tile from Wayfair) on the front

    small like yours. notice the shelf/rack on the wall, the fridge surround, they did the stove over there, and sink in island. they also carried it along the wall.

    If you had moved your fridge to the other end, you could have continued more cabs along that bare wall. Basically,

    just like this:

    or like this one.

    you have room for the bev bar at the end?

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  • PRO
    20 days ago
    last modified: 20 days ago

    Hi there,

    We understand how living with a new remodel can reveal some changes you’d like to make. Mosaic backsplashes can add a beautiful and unique touch to your modern kitchen. We offer a wide range of mosaic designs that might be perfect for your space.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    Floral Designs: These can add a touch of elegance and artistry to your kitchen. Our floral mosaics range from subtle, sophisticated patterns to vibrant, eye-catching designs.

    Abstract and Geometric Patterns: If you prefer something modern and stylish, our collection includes various abstract and geometric patterns that can complement a modern aesthetic.

    Simple Black or Monochrome Designs: Sometimes a sleek, simple design is the best way to go. Our monochrome mosaics, especially in black, can provide a chic and timeless look.

    We’d love for you to take a look at our mosaic backsplash collection. You’ll find a variety of styles that can suit different tastes and kitchen designs.

    Looking forward to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams!

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  • 19 days ago

    Thanks so much big help, and some great suggestions here. I see how the black with gold looks good where can I get those. Again its all about the money right now. I love the tile on the bar front thats cool. Ill show you some I was thinking about. But Im going to add the gold to that list. Thanks agin for your help

  • 19 days ago

  • PRO
    19 days ago

    For a kitchen this small, I'd go for white tile in a geometric shape and contrast grout.

    Metro Super 4" Hex Glossy White Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile · More Info

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  • 19 days ago
    last modified: 19 days ago

    The problem with white is it gets blended in with the cabinets to much I think, but thanks for the suggestion. Im either going with one of the b/w or b/w with gold or the black and gold

  • PRO
    19 days ago
    last modified: 19 days ago

    I like any of your last choices.

    bring home some samples if you can

    (I agree about the white. black will look better) And that 4" size is way too big for that small area.

    I like this one the best. it will look nice w/the counter chairs

    floor and decor has this one for 18.99

    I know the other one is in the 30 range. but at least you don't need too many

    actually, this one has the same hex tile and is cheaper

    Maybe $300 total for the tile purchase

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  • 19 days ago

    I found 2 from tile bar I like im also checking out the last one you sent me. The 2 nd pic is Black and white I know it looks grey but it is black

  • 19 days ago

    Black and white one really pops

  • 19 days ago

    The black and gold will cost me 515 dollars , becuase I need 20 sq ft

  • PRO
    19 days ago
    last modified: 19 days ago

    20, really?

    did you like this?

    these are cheaper. 5 sheets for $80

    those other ones, aren't they too big? don't get large tiles

  • 19 days ago
    last modified: 19 days ago

    Yes 20 sp ft believe it or not and after looking at it the white with black is to busy also. Im going to floor and decor tomorrow for a consultation with a design member.

  • PRO
    19 days ago
    last modified: 19 days ago

    Something else to consider, you don't need the splash right now. save up a few hundrend more over the next few months so you get the backsplash you really like. (or see if F/D has an interest free payment plan. worth a shot)

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  • 19 days ago
    last modified: 19 days ago

    I have considered that I had a contractor come over tonight to give me estimates on just the right side and the part by the wall going. Its going for sure also new modern cabinet doors. What it would cost to take it all of the backslpash off. Also under shelve lighting. He also gave me a great idea which he is going to do a mock up for me, of just doing strips of the backsplash I have now and either putting white or black tiles in the spaces.. Ill see what it looks like and that would be pretty cheap is what he told me. Thanks agin Beth you are very helpful

  • 10 days ago

    I want to thanks everybody who have made suggestions to me about my kitchen and now that I almost have my kitchen worked out I have to completly do a new bathroom remodel. Its an night mare and I really detst how it looks. Ill post some pics and any suggestions would be appreciated. Its avery small space. Im getting rid of the tub and just putting a shower in and ill post some pics of some of the colors im thinking about painting the walls !st is moomist by sherwin williams, 2nd is brace blue