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What colour of cushions go with a black leather sofa?

8 years ago
Can anyone advise what colour of cushions and curtains would go on a large, black leather sofa. The picture attached of the sofa is not my living room it is from the brochure however it is the sofa I have. I have a large(ish) living room, I am going to paint the walls a taupe colour - can anyone recommend one that is not too grey looking? - I have carpet and it is plain creamy/greyish colour, my facings in my room are white and it's a room that gets lots of light. I have the sheesham wood side tables, tv stand and sideboard.

I want to create a warm, cozy room, while remaining bright and airy....I think I would like to introduce some colour but I'm scared, I've always been creams and beiges in the past but felt it all looked a bit brown and dull (if that makes sense).

Thanks :O)

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