How many times did you visit your current home before you chose it?

Emily H
December 19, 2013
Did you go back and visit the house several times to make up your mind about it or was it love at first sight? What was the process like to decide this was the home for you?

Share your experience! (Photos encouraged)

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  • Amy Klein
    We were living in Ohio and my husband got a job in Miami, FL. I went online to look at houses in Broward, Co. (near Ft. Lauderdale), our preferred area. I fell in love with a house online, but was informed by our agent that it was under contract. Fast forward to the day I finally got to fly down to FL to see our agent in person and in her pile of properties to look at...there was MY house! I was shocked and said "I thought you said it was unavailable!?" and she had forgotten. Turns out it had been under contract but the buyers backed out. She took my husband and I around to a few other properties but I was champing at the bit and wanted to see "my" house. Sure enough when I finally got inside, I was jumping up and down. When we got into the agent's car she asked if we should see the next place, or make an offer on this one. My husband said "I like it too..." so we skipped the last property and made an offer on my dream house. It was a long process with some ups and downs...I won't bore you...but happy to say were are here and have been living in it since August. :)
  • Danya Moriah
    We attended the first open house, requested a private showing a couple days later, and offered that evening. I believe we saw the house 3 times before we moved in. 1) Open House; 2) Private Showing; 3) Inspection. We actually had another offer in on another house at the open house. After that inspection, we found multiple issues with the house and the sellers wouldn't negotiate. Luckily, our house now was a much better choice. We walked away after the sellers wouldn't come down in price and placed an offer on the house we now live in. We are really happy with the way things turned out. This was the third house we placed an offer on and it was accepted. Goes to show that just because an offer was accepted, doesn't mean the house is purchased.
  • ellenrogerj
    saw it on zillow, bought it, went (from wisconsin to oregon) the next month to see it. still love it!
  • ninalwilkins
    Only once! Knew it was my home the minute I walked in the front door. Couldn't wait to get the sale in progress. No problems and in two weeks she was mine. Have loved her ever since and so does everyone that enters.
  • Mary
    I saw this crazy looking Big blue house from the 1880's in a small ad in the newspaper, in the dead of winter of aNew England day, my husband went with me, we walked up through granite posts at the end of a driveway, that was not wide enough for a modem car. Up the three steps, my husband turned the doorknob and the door wouldn't open, I reached out and the door opened for me! A shoe manufacture's home ,big foyer, staircase that reached the sky. Windows from floor to ceiling letting in bright afternoon light. Two large rooms in the front ,,and a library with a small bump out of windows , so you could get the sun in the winter. One bedroom, on the first floor and a mismosh kitchen of a hundred years of kitchen do overs. And a 1940's bathroom by the backdoor, upstairs, three bedrooms, no bath except a marble sink in one bedroom, and it worked, no musty smells anywhere, for a old house. Now here is we're it gets strange it had a huge barn attached by the kitchen door, and in between a TWO HOLER wooden latrine, from when the house was built, fortunately it hadn't been used since who knows when ( no smells). And what sold me on it was the cat fllap door between the kitchen door and the barn! I would have robbed a bank to get the money if I could have got away with it! There was no way to get the extra $160,000 extra to buy this home, just the heating bill would have put us on the street. Every year I make a trip by myself just to look it and imagine what it would have been like to live in this house. It called to me the first time I saw it, and said"you belong here". I haunt this house, when I sleep. the poor people that own this house must see me every where in their house, I hope I don't scare them. I live in a modem house, but I dare to dream of the big blue Victorian that will never be mine.
  • spenserh
    Sight unseen. The realtor called and said he had my house but it was over our price range. I looked at the Google satellite image and knew it was the one. I have to live in this village for work purposes but hated the majority of the zero lot line places available in our price range. A friend looked at it for me and we made the offer the first day it was on the market. Then the owner's lawyer son decided it must be under priced if they had a full offer the first day. It took a few more weeks but we didn't budge. I drove down for the inspection and to get my first real look. The kitchen was pretty disappointing, but everything else was perfect. I just hope the appliances hold out until we can gut the kitchen!
  • Brenda
    we went once, then took my parents with us for a second visit to 2 houses we liked just for a "sanity check" ...
  • Clare Marie
    Update... I no longer live in an amusement park fun house. This us my kitchen now. I just need a cooker hood but can't make a decision :-/
  • susanpmccoy
    Because of my job, I'm required to live within 15 minute commute time. Unfortunately, location within that time radius was way out of price range. The first time I met with my agent, he drove me throughout the zone. I fell in love with this area on Main St with 1959 ranch houses. Pointed out to him that this was my dream neighborhood; small one story houses with yards that had dogs and kids, mature trees, etc. REA said "not possible--way too expensive!" Long story short (and real estate market crashing) on way to grocery store, and saw a real estate agent caravan in front of one of those ranches, walked in, fell in love, call my agent (who turned out to be at the house!)and was able to put the bid in 5 minutes:-). Now, I'm in a home that I can retire in and get up five minutes before work, and still get there on time!
  • Caz Gee
    We decided to go browsing builders display homes in order to gather ideas for a kitchen makeover - definitely not looking to buy. We laughed hysterically as we walked through the front door and could see the ensuite mirrors and spa tub - the builder had installed a half wall to the ensuite, easily clear line of sight from the front door. But a few more steps into the kitchen/ dining / living room found us in a modern, bright, open spacious room. Being a builders display, all fixtures and fittings were top notch. We noticed a sign saying the property was for sale as a lease back ( ie, the purchaser becomes the landlord for a fixed period of time while the display village is in operation). We jokingly asked on the way back through about the price, only to find that the land size was approx twice that of all but one other block in the subdivision. So that did it - a money making investment property AND potential future medium density living site. We huddled over figures, sought advice about re- mortgaging, learnt a lot about becoming commercial property landlords ( since it was still operating as a business), and decided to take the opportunity ( after agreeing to some cosmetic changes with the builder, including the open plan ensuite!)
    So the house became ours, and we visited it many times before we were able to move in, a couple of years later. It was quite bizarre to be sitting in 'our' lounge room and hear strangers nitpicking about our house. Even worse with noisy kids running about smearing greasy hands all over the walls and doors!
    In the end though, we moved in and the house is no longer a pristine display home but our home. And our previous home became an investment property, and both it and another rental are happily paying themselves off, whilst we accumulate some security for our future.
  • PRO
    Daniel DeSantis Interiors
    One time. After a grueling and stressful search, and a few past failed purchase attempts. This house fell in our laps. We were emotionally detached from the process by this time. The house hit all of the marks, so it "would work" for us. Everything went smoothly, like butter. Now, six months later, we are in love with it...kind of funny that we didn't realize how great it was when we chose it.
  • deb2614
    We wanted to stay in our same neighborhood so our choices were limited. We looked at our current house first. It was a 1980's nightmare. Good bones, great pool and plenty of room but the master bath....omg. We put in a low offer because of all the work needed. It was rejected. We kept looking and found something that would work. Pool, number of rooms, updated kitchen. Deal fell through after the appraisal. So went back to the first house. Our second offer was accepted though it was still much lower than the asking price. Kitchen and master have not yet been updated but we had our first party three weeks after moving in. The house is lovely. Plenty of rooms for our family and friends to spread out. By the time we are done I think everything but the original slate floors and the awesome crown molding will have been replaced or painted but hey...don't get something for nothing.
  • Simone Bostic
    Twice. But I knew she was mine the first time I set foot in her, I just went back to show my husband. She looked barely habitable but she had everything I dreamed about as a child. I have never had a regret about the purchase.
  • jens56
    I chose the house from its description on Har's website just after it was listed. At the same time our real estate agent was trying to get hold of us to view it as she had also realised it was what we wanted. My husband was able to view the house straight away and then put a bid in. I saw it the next day and our bid was accepted. Yippee, yippee, we move in soon! I am so excited!
  • Sandy Williams
    We designed it, and built it in '96, and it's time for some updates. Kitchen, bathrooms, and flooring on main level.
  • vnica
    The second we pulled up in front of it, I wanted it. The first picture is the original house and the second picture is the addition we added. The second addition to the other side isn't complete yet. It was built around 1924 and is an Italianate style of architecture, initially referred to as the "Italian Villa" or "Tuscan Villa" style.
  • zaza
    I spent 5 years looking for the perfect house. My family and friends gave up on me. Finally I saw this house on the internet . When I saw it in person ,I fell in love with the lake running across the back yard, the Gazebo and screen room. The outside was heaven. The inside was very open plan which was the first No on my list. I kept saying I can put a wall to divide the kitchen from living. The price was a little higher. The area was 20 miles opposite direction
    where I was looking. I bought the house. I have been here three years and now realizing
    I made a huge mistake I am looking for another house in the right area.
  • alwaysdesigning
    We had been looking for a year, and Our previous house was vacant so we looked in through uncurtained windows and saw floor to ceiling bookcases on one wall that would handsomely house all our books that told us this is it. Plus the floorplan, views, metal roof and 104 acres, plus the price had just been lowered within our budget. We looked closely and carefully once inside, and put in an offer that was accepted. Eight years later we still had no regrets.
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  • ensheslovely
    I like the first house and the color
  • mandyf21
    We built our current home, but the previous house was purchased. I viewed it with the agent and said "yes" on the basis that it had a huge pantry and I knew my then husband would want to purchase because of the HUGE workshop area underneath in the garage. I remember saying to the agent - yes, I'll take it, but maybe I should get my husband to have a look first. And I was right - lived there happily for 6 years with a well stocked pantry and many projects completed and almost as many not, from the workshop area.
  • PRO
    I went, maybe, thrice, before we decide that it was the home we were looking for.each time we went at different times to see the effect of the changes of sunlight had on the house,as I always wanted my house to have a lots of sunlight. There were also other many small additions to the house that attracted my attention but what i liked best was the view of a small lake and a golf course across the street, which I could enjoy from my living room.
  • addisonlynch
    Once, made a low ball offer a few hours later. Asked for a few minor repairs to be done & sellers came back with a counter offer at $5,000 less than our offer for us to buy as is depending on how inspection went. We accepted & they ended up doing the main repair anyway.
  • Lynn Babin Fontaine
    WE visited our current home 2 times.First time it was an open house,2nd time came back with a realtor for a private visit, put an offer and got it! Been living here for 19 years. Did a lot of renovations. new roof,new windows, updated kitchen and bathrooms, put in new flooring through out , new light fixtures and painted. Outside did new landscaping, new patio and new front walkway.This was all done within the last 5 years.Trying to make it our dream home and we are almost done.
  • zang777
    My husband and I bought our house after just 1 visit, and without ever looking at any other homes. Our friends and family thought we were crazy (we weren't even married yet!), and the house was a total Hot 80's Mess. But we put alot of hard work into the renovation s and could not be happier. We have been there 8 years now and just love it. Attached are some "before and afters" to guve u an idea of uber-80's decor and the "Mauve Madness" we were up against.
  • armipeg
    @redryder60, one word....Breathtaking!
  • dstemple1956
    I looked at mine twice. Once by myself and once with my realtor but I had already decided that I wanted it to be home.
  • Carrie
    I didn't think our current home was love at first sight, but then I found myself comparing every house we saw to that one (as in, "If we're going to spend that much, we may as we'll get X house,"). It was out of our price range a bit, but after walking away when the sellers wouldn't haggle, they came back and started dealing. We got a great price, and I love it! I think we ended up visiting the property only twice before the final walk-thru the day of closing.
  • PRO
    Elizabeth Bolton - ReMax Destiny
    Once. And that's true of every place I've bought (I'm on house #4). Every one was a multiple-bid, high pressure situation. Every time I would go to the home inspection thinking "I sure hope I like it" since I'd spent so little time in it before writing an offer. I've ended up loving every house. I walk in it and know it's "the one". In two cases that was due in large part to the entry hall - open the front door and I want it. Old wallpaper pulls me in too.
  • Nancy
    I saw my 1st house once and fell in love when I walked in. The house I'm buying next week, I saw twice but knew I had to have it as soon as I walked in.(pictures are first house and house I'm buying next week)
  • petstev

    I think we visited our condo at least four or five times... The last property investment we made wasn't very successful, so we wanted to ensure that the new condo will be attractive in the long run. There weren't many waterfront condos in Ft. Lauderdale, as we visited the building, so the price was a little bit higher than usual but our agent suggested that the deal is good.

  • bungalowmo

    It was the first home I looked at & totally fell in love! Looked at others that day & went back at the end of that day. I knew it had to be mine.

    Went back to the office with agent & began working up the counter offer...

  • ninigret

    lol... i got out of the car, looked at our house, and told our realtor we were going to buy it. (she said don't tell the listing agent that). 6 people saw the house that day and 5 people put offers on it. we offered $100 more than asking price (a round up) and got it even tho others offered far more, as our offer had no contingencies. woots! been here for almost 6 years now and the bloom is still not off the rose.

  • OldGrayMare
    We're in a condo now (which we love, love) but before that, we were visiting Danville, VA and just kind of thinking of retirement at that point (were still based in Hawaii)...saw the house, Ed spent 10 mins walking around the outside, I spent 10 mins on the inside. We negotiated the price as on the cellphone as we were driving back to DC to catch flight back to Hawaii. Lived there for almost 7 years and loved it.
  • mrsstem
    Three times before we made an offer. We had a lot of options...this house grew on us
  • mcbmd3
    0 times. My husband made an offer while I was in the country with our baby daughter. He did, however, make a contingency that would give me an out should I wish to exercise it. Have lived here for 30 years!
  • handmethathammer

    We saw this house three times. Although it did not tick our wish list boxes, it was in the right location and had enough space to accommodate our lives comfortably now and in the future. I could see this right away. My spouse took some convincing.

    We absolutely love it. The wish list has been forgotten and we are discovering things in this house that are better than what we could have anticipated. This is our sixth house and I thought we knew what we wanted by now. It is good to be surprised.

  • PRO
    Sound Painting Solutions

    We visited it twice before we put in an offer. We looked at several homes and fellow in love with our cottage.

  • Beth Bevington
    I worked title and escrow in Napa. Caravanned with the realtors on a Thursday am. Walked in, and sat down for at least an hour in the living room. Every realtor informed me they could write an offer. I knew I wanted it. Brought my husband that evening.
    (We weren't even thinking of moving.) there were 13 offers.
    Countered and we got it. I do believe they will need a crowbar
    To get me out.
  • M
    Great question! Two years later people are still chiming in. Shows how much people love their homes!

    I feel like I am in the minority. My fiancé (at the time) knew immediately that our house was "the one". I, on the other hand, took a lot of convincing. I believe I looked at the house 4 or 5 times before finally agreeing. That was 20 years ago. The house and neighborhood have been great for raising our kids. Location is so important. We made the house our own and now it feels like home.
  • ninigret

    0 times. i told our realtor that we would be buying it even before we got in the front door to see it the first time. standing on the sidewalk was enough.

    5 people saw it that day, 4 made offers. we got it. yay! 6 years later the honeymoon isnt over yet.

  • PRO
    Sound Painting Solutions

    2 times, but we fell in love with it the first time.

  • willuswear

    It was love at first sight, though we did come back a few times during inspections and the like, to make sure we were making a sound purchase. The house came fully furnished, and had been partially renovated not long before we bought it. It is a mid century ranch that was clearly built with love, and it is in a beautiful location. We have some work to do, though most is minor cosmetic updates, and we would like to re-do the bathrooms.

  • angelwynd7

    I knocked on the door, walked in , and I was home.

  • Susan Mooney

    I walked in and it was love at first sight. I remember thinking this is just too good to be true. We put in a full price offer and 20 years later we are still in love. Especially since the remodel a couple of years ago :)

  • momnurs

    We had been searching for just the right home for a year, making the 1700 mile round trip drive approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. After a particularly rough drive that had us arriving at 4 am, I checked my email before bed. Lo and behold, a new listing that appeared perfect AND vacant (which is nice when waiting for an appointment and a 36 hour visit don't really mix!) Our realtor got us in before our other appointments, and we agreed with a few cosmetic changes, this was the one.

    We saw our other showings, went back to the office and wrote up a full price offer. A bit of negotiating after the inspection and it's ours!

  • momnurs

    We had been searching for just the right home for a year, making the 1700 mile round trip drive approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. After a particularly rough drive that had us arriving at 4 am, I checked my email before bed. Lo and behold, a new listing that appeared perfect AND vacant (which is nice when waiting for an appointment and a 36 hour visit don't really mix!) Our realtor got us in before our other appointments, and we agreed that with a few cosmetic changes, this was the one.

    We saw our other showings, went back to the office and wrote up a full price offer. A bit of negotiating after the inspection and it's ours!

  • SueBee

    Our first house fell through, then a friend of a friend suggested this house in a neighboring town. We peered through the windows and I loved it then. We got ahold of the owner and walked through it and I knew it was the one. We're owned it for six years now and I still absolutely LOVE it!!

  • Robyn Slate

    I found our house on Zillow, I "window peeped" about 6 times, saw it with our realtor 4 times. What she didn't know is, I was measuring for drapes and planning the kitchen reno. I loved this house from the moment I layed eyes on it. It was beautiful (except the kitchen, which i'm sure is what scared people off). I just knew this was my forever home, Christmas we will be here 2 months!!!

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