Need help bringing it all together...please...

Kathi (kmcd)
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago
We upsized considerably at the end of September, and I've been slowly trying to fill the house with furnishings. We combined two small homes into one large one, but surprisingly didn't have a whole lot of furniture between the two of us. So I've been buying a mix of new and old (thank you Craigslist) and I think it's starting to come together. However; the process has been far from pain free. I've made many mistakes and some can be fixed and some can not, so I'm making do until it can be fixed at a later date. I have lots of pieces that I love...but I don't know if any of it goes together in a cohesive style. So my design dilemma is...Is there a way to bring all the different styles/things/elements together in this house to make it feel more cohesive? My style leans towards French country, but I can't resist some modern farmhouse/industrial touches...his is rather global eclectic...but he really doesn't care as long as it's inexpensive...
Please note that I do plan to paint the kitchen cupboards (amidst much protest) and would love some colour choices. I am leaning towards a shade of white for the upper and lower cabinets (though I would be open to a different colour on the bottom ones) and a charcoal grey for the island.
I would appreciate all gentle constructive criticism and am willing to move/change/paint/buy (if inexpensive)/save up for almost anything.
I am including a view of the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room.

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