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Kitchen needs help

January 19, 2014
I am unsure about what to do with my kitchen. This home was a model and it seems very " modeliish" to me. I hate the granite and want to replace it and put in a back splash. I really like quartz , but what color? Not sure if I should have the cabinets painted white. I am going to upgrade the appliances. I also have the option of upgrading the current look of the cabinets with additions, such as a few glass front doors , end panels, and moldings. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • patrice60
    Another picture
  • Maria Smith
    Would like to see a pic of end of cabinets to left of sink. They should have extended the counter/cabinets to the end of the wall at right of stove. I see in this pic that they trimmed the closet by the stairs, that trim might look good around the top of the cabinets to customize them a bit. When you do choose your counter top I would trim the edges of the island piece. How do you want the island to function for you? Shelving beneath one of the counter overhangs would warm the island up and create more function. Good for cookbooks, stoneware, colored enamel ware, would involve moving the electrical, would put that horizontal under lip of counter in black cover. For color I would like to see a muted green incorporated. Could you add some kitchen pics to your ideabook so we could see what you like for color?
  • Rinny
    The granite is beautiful but it's not everybody taste. I would go with a lighter cabinet and make them taller in areas that you can. It looks like you also can make the island a little bigger.
  • Opal
    While the granite might not be your first pick I would keep it but take off the 4 inch piece and install a 2x6 cream colored subway tile in subway pattern. That would lighten up the space. And, for for changing some cupboards out to glass...will look great!
  • PRO
    Stone Works Marble & Granite LLC
    That granite is actually very nice and a little more high end that what you normally find in model homes. I will remove 4" backsplash and put glass tiles or remove island change it for a light color of Quartz in one of the tones of the island
  • PRO
    the essentials inside
    I agree, remove the backsplash and add the glass tile.
  • patrice60
    My husband would love it if I kept the granite. Lol I just think it is kind of dark. What would you suggest for a glass tile? Here are some areas in my home that show the colors I like.
  • Sam Dewick
    I think a steel backsplash would be nice (because it will match your appliances)
  • patrice60
    I was thinking something like this. I would love the white counter. I like a softer look. How do you think that would look? Thanks.
  • marmelou
    White cabinets & white countertops are beautiful, even dark cabinets with a white countertop. While everyone seems to like granite, I think the design is too busy. I think plain white or off white corian or quartz counter tops are timeless.
  • PRO
    Triepke Door & Sash
    Lighter cabinets and glass tile/glass backsplash would brighten the space and work well with the existing granite, if you're keen to keep the same. The hardware on the cabinets looks great, but that's another way to quickly change the feel of your cabinetry without investing significant time or money. Good luck!
  • Ann
    I wouldn't change that granite. I think it's very nice! A few glass fronts and a new backsplash (very plain so it doesn't compete with the granite) would be nice.
  • PRO
    Whispar Design
    Is there just the one light fixture above the island? If possible, (2) pendants might be a good option to consider the hand over the island.
  • patrice60
    There are two pendants in the kitchen , really not centered with the island or the table. The ceiling is about 15 feet at the peak so it is hard to drop pendants down by the island. The
    chain or wire would look way to long.
  • Maria Smith
    I like that grey/green glass back splash shown above, reflects light and color really bounces off that neutralish color (search green back splashes here, there is a recent thread with lots of pics). Still wondering about the cabinet extensions, Could you get another larger piece of granite and a larger cabinet/drawer unit to carry to trim on door? Guess you would have to get larger upper as well. Obviously if it is okay with you no problem. The thin about the island is that it is not truly grounded in the space, it needs to be finished or bulked up a bit, the slab on top seems to be an inexpensive workaround to make it look functional. If it was a bit bigger, it might be able to carry more light, crowning the top of the cabinets would help with this as well, bringing it more to scale. Agree about losing the 4 inch part of the granite and going backsplash from bottom of cabinets to counter top. Put light strips w/ electrical under cabinets for your appliance needs. How long do you have to make revisions, what do you care about most in the space for the way you cook and entertain?
  • patrice60
    There are only certain pieces that we can get at this point. The glass door fronts, crown and floor moldings and end panels. I agree about the island although I really never realized it before. I think end panels might bulk it up some along with floor moldings.i do have under the cabinet lighting that my husband will put On when I decide about the other things. Right now my main question is do I have them painted white or leave the cherry wood. If I leave the cherry can I put white quartz counter tops on the with the glass tile? I am just not loving the granite.
  • Opal
    I think if you did this in Honey Crackle you would love the look of your kitchen: http://www.sonomatilemakers.com/LineListDetail.aspx?prod-line-id=1&line-list-id=5&photo-id=1074&IsLineList=True

    Sonoma Tile makers are HIGH end tiles. They are GORGEOUS!!!
  • Maria Smith
    Looked at your idea book...what is it you like about the stairs? Seems like lots of contrast (dark / light) with stained wood. Maybe you should browse idea books and look at some kitchens that give you the same feeling as the stairs; keeping your dark wood cabinets with modifications, or white kitchens with natural wood accents and see how you can best duplicate the look with what you have/need.

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