Which reproduction Eames lounge chair and ottoman to buy

February 17, 2014
I've been doing a lot of research on reproduction Eames lounge chairs & ottomans. I have found what appear to be good quality pieces at ($800) Manhattan Home Design ($1,000) and The Modern Source ($1,000), and Rove Concepts ($1,800). Before I make this decision based on a photo from the internet, I'd be interested to know if others have purchased from these vendors and what their experiences were. I am definitely not going to pay thousands more for the Herman Miller version, so spare me that. Thanks.

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  • David Lee

    I have the ultra premium in palisander wood and black leather, purchased in October, but would like to sell it to replace with HM one. Top shape without any flaws... i would say you are getting a better deal without offgassing odor of a new item. Unpacked new, it had a terrible offgas odor. I can let it go for 900 for quick sale. I am based near Birmingham, Michigan.

  • Lee
    Do you still have this chair and ottoman for sale?
  • Lee the palisander wood similar to walnut? And can you post a few pictures? Thanks.
  • faxxes

    David Lee, which brand is the chair you're selling? And what about the chair caused you to decide to sell it after just a few months? IOW, why are you suffering a loss and prepared to spend so much more for the HM, especially if the repro chairs offgas odor is gone?

  • faxxes

    RedMountainMedia, Whew! I've read the entire thread and appreciate every post. Your saga about 'The Search' was particularly useful. :-) Wondering how the chair is holding up now that it's been two years? Have the cushions gotten softer? I've had the pleasure of sitting in a real HM chair and it really does feel like being enveloped by a bb glove! But oh that price tag!! Also, who was the CS rep you spoke with at UF?

  • faxxes

    Danny Potts. Wondering how the chair is holding up? It' really beautiful! I'd love the white but worry that one spill or wayward pen could cause a disaster! I'll probably go with black for that reason.

  • David Lee

    faxxes, it's the one this thread is discussing about-one that is being sold by Urbanfurnighing. I bought the chair & ottoman prior to seeing the HM version in person. Whereas the reproduction is just as impressive in its presentation and touch (quality of the repro leather is amazing... they got the proportion and appearances spot on), the rubber shock mount and seating comfort doesn't compare to the original's feel. I'm not saying that the reproduction is uncomfortable--you won't know until you seat on the authentic one. I am 5'9", and the firmer cushion on the reproduction doesn't bring my seating height low enough to give me head-resting position. It's not uncomfortable. I just prefer the authentic HM much more due to their seating feel.

  • faxxes

    Lee, imo the pallisander veneer color is closer to rosewood, not walnut. Go to the HM or DWR sites to see the differences in the wood veneer color.

  • faxxes

    David Lee, thank for your feedback. I'm 5'4" but definitely don't want a too firm seat cushion. I've sat in the HM chair since a friends dad had one. It was wonderful! I was hoping that the UF the same. Thanks!

  • faxxes

    Thanks, David Lee!

  • gttim .

    After a lot of research, I picked up the Urban Finishing Premium Walnut/Black version. It was shipped fast, packed well, and after some communication issues with UPS, dropped at my door, up one flight of stairs. (UF and myself both talked with UPS. UF was incredibly responsive, even though the delivery issues were not their fault. Great customer service. UPS came through as well.) I had to unpack and bring it inside one piece at a time. That took a little bit of time. It is top quality! The wood finish was fantastic, with the only rough texture spot I could find under the top cushion. Leather was incredible. It is a little more firm than the HM model, which I sat in at a DWR. I have no idea how many people have sat in that HM chair and broken it in, however. Hopefully this one will break in as well. The only issue I have is with the smell of the foam sticking around for a bit. I am sure it will eventually go away, but it hasn't in 2 weeks. Faded, yes. They included a can of leather cleaner and conditioner, that looks like a can of paste wax. It works well. I even used it on a modern Natuzzi sofa I bought 12 years ago, and that came out nice. This was a successful internet purchase!

  • faxxes

    I'm leaning toward the walnut too. Any chance you might post a pic of the back of the chair? Thanks for the encouraging post!

  • gttim .

    I just got in and it is night and it is hard to get a good photo, but here.

  • faxxes

    gttim, the wood grain looks wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to share this! :-)

  • mustard_green

    I give this 3 out of five stars. I purchased this from urban furnishing. The "leather" has a foul odor to it. It does not smell like "leather" at all. It looks great and is comfortable, but the odor permeates the entire room.

  • David Lee

    Give it a few months. Mine is no longer off-gassing.

  • mustard_green

    Thanks David Lee,

    That gives me some hope!

  • Joe Buck

    Hi. Is there any Service for Europe especialy Gemany to get a XL replica? After all research I am not confident to buy any 500-700€ replica.

  • Steven Pilkerton

    Hopefully, this helps other people like me. I discovered and fell in love the Eames lounge chair after seeing a vintage 70's Plycraft knock-off version in an antique store a few weeks ago. I immediately when home and started research on what the chair was and how to acquire one. I quickly discovered that the authentic Herman Miller version was crazy expensive and that there were quite a few reproduction choices on the internet. It was overwhelming on which one to buy because Amazon sold versions for $500-900, and other places like Manhattan Home Design and Urban Furnishing sold versions for around $1399. MHD had a nice video showing that the lower priced versions were cheaply made which helped explained the lower prices I was seeing on Amazon, so I eliminated those as an option and narrowed my choice to either the MHD or Urban Furnishing version as they both seemed to be of the same quality and a near replica of the Herman Miller version (I also think it's highly likely they both come from the same manufacturer in China, but I don't know that for sure). Both had great reviews on multiple sites, and both offered discount codes. Ultimately I decided on the Urban Furnishing ultra premium version because even though their discount code was less, their free shipping made it about $150 cheaper than MHD. (Manhattan Home Design for what it's worth, if you read this I had your chair in my cart and was about to purchase, but you added $199 shipping which caused me to go with Urban Furnishing). My chair came in yesterday, and I am super impressed with the quality. The wood looks great and the leather is super soft and feels luxurious. I went to look at the Herman Miller version of the chair while my chair was being shipped, and I can't tell a difference. It's a beautiful chair.

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  • Pennie Barnet

    First of all, WOW this is a long thread! I have been thinking about this chair for the past 2 years probably. After a few days online I found this thread and used it to take my final decision, I bought from Manhattan Home Design. Some of the pictures they have on the website seem to show a slightly better quality than Urban Furnishing so I bought it from them since their price is similar. I received the chair 2 days ago and I am quite impressed and happy with it! The wood grain is really cool (I have the Palisander one). I took some pictures to share with you here but I am still trying to figure out how to send them to my laptop, I am not a tech savvy:/ I will share them as soon as I can:) Thanks for all your posts, this thread helped a lot!!!

  • bellevino

    Does anyone know of a quality Tall White Walnut replica? I have came across a few tall black palisander options, but not white with walnut. Any suggestions/links are appreciated!

  • jd803walnut

    try barcelona chair factory

  • Brad Anderson
    Manhattan Home Design. You have to call and speak with a sales associate but you can custom order just about anything.
  • Pennie Barnet

    Yes, Brad is right. I think they can also send you a leather sample. Try that, asking is free :)

  • Andrew Phan

    So which ones are recommended? Not sure if I want to dish out 5k for the herman miller. Thanks!

  • nadiavanderdijk

    Well I bought one last week and I have to say I'm rather impressed by the quality of this Eames Replica. There are differences of course, but what do you expect for a price difference that much. Stitching is near perfect and its comfortable as it should be.

    Does anyone else have a decent place to shop Alvar Aalto replica's? Been looking around for those for a very long time.

  • HU-837420464

    Like Steven Pilkerton above, I was going between MHD and Urban Furnishing. I had looked at and communicated with ebay seller Modern0 but when I asked if his chair had the same attributes as the MHD and Urban Furnishing models, he said I should buy a Herman Miller (I guess that was a no). A few things made my money go to Urban Furnishing over MHD:

    1. According to ONLY the Urban Furnishing repro bought the rights to use Herman Millers shell molds (I think FPlus did too, but only for the Canadian market), so you are getting the exact dimensions of the original Herman Miller made model. The Urban Furnishing model was rated as their #1 choice and best of the reproductions by Midcentury Central (for the "high price range") with MHD coming in 3rd -- as best version for the "low price range". Ironically, when I was pricing yesterday, MHD was more expensive than Urban Furnishing by about $50... before shipping (see more on that below).

    2. Because of having the Herman Miller molds, the Urban Furnishing shells are finished and lacquered on both sides of each shell -- just like the original. That was a big deal for me (authenticity) and I wondered if MHD offers the same. The don't state it, and given that it's a big deal, it would seem that if they did offer that feature then they would mention it.

    3. Like Steven, I had the MHD version in my cart before I saw the $199 shipping fee. That was a gut punch. While they did include a Eames hang-it-all and a Nelson clock as freebies, the shipping fee was very off putting - especially as it was only traveling from NJ to Boston. By contrast, Urban Furnishing had free UPS shipping and it shipped the same day I purchased it, a tracking# was sent to me within an hour of payment.

    4. MHD offered a 1-year warranty with an extension to 5-years for another $99 (same "ugh" as seeing the $199 shipping -- I was starting to feel nickel and dimed). Urban Furnishing offered a 3-year warranty as standard. No other repro seller offered anything close to the Urban Furnishing warranty as standard.

    5. Midcentury Central also noted that the Urban Furnishing chair had the exact dimensions of the original Herman Miller, where MHD, while close, did not.

    Midcentury Central pointed out that MHD used some vague language around their claims of full analine leather, where they had no questions or concerns that the Urban Furnishing leather was the real analine deal. This may or may not be an issue, but when added to the shipping and warranty fees being tacked on to a chair that was already more expensive than Urban Furnishing, it was more than enough to sway my decision (FWIW, MHD had a 5% off code which equalled about $74, Urban Furnishing offered a $100 off with a code).

    Basically, the MHD with shipping would've been $1566 and I bought the Urban Furnishing chair delivered for $1399. That's a big deal!

    My chair arrives this coming Monday (7-days from purchase) and I will update my post here with pics!

  • HU-837420464

    Will post more soon, but I will simply say that between the stunning quality of the Urban Furnishing chair and the unbelievable customer support we've received from them, that we'll be buying another of the same chair. My wife said I should put casters on the chair base because I never get out of it, and if I need to move, I can just roll.

  • HU-837420464

    I wanted to add that there were no out-gassing issues at all! 1-week into ownership of the UF chair and all I can smell while sitting in it is LEATHER. We had a few issues when it arrived and Urban Furnishing has been absolutely spectacular about supporting us. They are sending repacements for every piece that we had even the smallest issue with. We provided pictures and they provided replacements. Between the phenomenal quality of the chair and the fantastic communication and support, we'll be buying another of the same.


  • HU-837420464

    UPDATE: We have been uniformly pleased (ok, ecstatic) with our Urban Furnishing's Eames replica. We had issues with the armrests (uneven piping and the leather on the underside didn't overlap as it was supposed to), a ding in the shell of the ottoman, and some scratches on the chrome ottoman and chair base. When we let Urban Furnishing know about the issues (and sent pictures) they sent replacements parts for ALL of those parts immediately and free of charge! When I implied in previous posts that their customer service was superb I meant it. $1400 is not a little money to pay for a chair (whether or not it is a replica of a $6000 chair) so we brought a serious level of scrutiny to the product that arrived in our home. Where things were below our expectations, Urban Furnishing was at the top of their game. To make things even better, Urban Furnishing did not require that we ship anything back to then (because of their great warranty) so we now have backups for the two bases, armrests, and ottoman shell. The best part of course is that chair is beautifully crafted and incredibly comfortable! We have a $7000 sectional that I now defer to our kids as I exclusively enjoy the Eames lounger.

  • Maestro59

    Where is the UF $100 coupon?

  • dada18

    Hey guys, I just received my Eames Replica in Palisander/Black Leather and freakin love it! I used this discount code and got $100 off: 40DB02M7KAY2

    Looks like code is still working, not sure when it will expire or have a limit in usage.. Good Luck!

  • practicalhouse

    Has anyone ever seen a Goetz Sofa replica?

  • PRO

    This is a great thread, lots of excellent recommendations and reviews. i was oblivioys the Urban Furnishing model so I was seriously considering the MHD version. Now I'm not sure

    ultimately though I think my decision will be between Urban, Barcelona and the MHD versions.

    Upon soesking to MHD the salesman was quite helpful but informed me that their version was manufactured in China contrary to what I read on another forum. It is my sense they all are

    Does anyone have a recommendation based on experience as to which is best quality and experience ?

    input is much appreciated

  • PRO
    Red Mountain Media

    I can echo the supportive comments here on Urban Furnishing's customer support. I've already weighed in on how well I like their Eames replica, as its virtually identical to the Herman Miller version. I can say from experience, their support is top notch. Above and beyond.

  • PRO

    Thank you. Are you happy with the quality of materials and construction construction? What about wear ?

  • Fredrick Stakem

    Been a while since I checked in. My mom bought two Herman Miller Eames lounge chairs. Mine from Urban Finishings is probably 90-95% as good for a lot less. There are a few things about the Herman Miller chairs that are nice. The choice of leather is much greater than I thought. My mom went with top of the line leather and we went through a lot of colors. She ended up with gray which I thought I would hate, but actually turned out nice. After spending a lot of time with her at the store I would say the tall version is not worth it. I can’t pin point what it is but the dimensions just seem a bit off. I think I am stuck with a chair without a head rest because I love so much about the chair. My moms do spin a bit better than mine. I have oiled it and it is pretty good but a little tight on the swivel. If people are interested I could post more pics of the original.

  • PRO
    Urban Furnishing

    Hi All,

    We have expanded our selection and will now carry the TALL VERSION.

    Pre-Order now:


  • Kevin Kellogg

    Fredrick can you expand on why you don't like the Tall version? Are you too tall. I am 6'2" and find the headrest of the HM tall is still too short.

    Where I would place the replica Eames chair, the back would be to the wall and only sat in about 30 times a year. I am considering purchasing a $550-600 version off Amazon or eBay and drilling a couple of holes above the existing holes to raise the headrest level. If your chair has a velcro attached headrest you could detach the cushion and move it up a few inches to see if the headrest would work any better raised up slightly.

    The Urban Furnishings Tall is 2.5" higher (34.5") and 1.75" (34.5") deeper than their regular version. The dimensions mirror the HM version. I look at $1000 savings and a few of holes that won't be visible in my room and think $600 has merit.

    This $600 version on Amazon has a height of 32.3". So a 3.5" raise should help get my head a place to rest even if it does throw the HM proportions out. No restocking fee if I return it to Amazon vs $200 on Urban Furnishings.

    Fredrick can you tell me if the back of your chair has a flex or bounce to it like your mom's should have? Thanks

  • Fredrick Stakem

    The tall version definitely will allow a taller person to rest their head in a normal sitting position. I am 6 foot tall and only the tall allows that. The problem is the tall chair does not just raise the back. It changes the dimensions on the chair slightly. If you look at both it is hard to recognize, but you will see it if you look at enough chairs. My main concern was the tall is better for resting your head but feels slightly off. I can't figure out what it is unless I can sit in one for a long time. I have been to a Design Within Reach store many times but really would need a day of sitting in the chair to figure out which I like best. I think it is the depth that makes it feel different. I have a few friends who said same thing. Maybe I am just use to the normal dimensions? I also sit with a lumbar pillow which seems awkward carrying into the store...

    Also I often work from the chair so having a head rest has become a less important feature. If I would mainly watch tv from the chair maybe it would be more important.

  • Kevin Kellogg

    Thanks for elaborating on the Tall. Your point is well taken in that a chair really takes more time to tell if it is going to fit than a short visit to your local Herman Miller dealer. I had the same result when purchasing an Ekornes Stressless, What I thought was a great fit in store resulted in a chair that digs into my shoulder blades because the top of the chair is too short. Would have never know this until I sat in it for an extended period.

    I did sit in the regular and tall versions and the tall seemed a little too short to rest my head comfortably. I am in a quandary, in my opinion the look of the Eames Lounge is the best. I am just reluctant to pay for the real deal if the fit is not excellent. That is why I lean to a knock off that is esthetically pleasing to the eye and may provide the a similar level of comfort.

  • Fredrick Stakem

    For comparison the replica is black and a real Herman Miller Eames is gray.

  • Kevin Kellogg

    Thanks for taking the time to post the photos. Both chairs look great to me. When you first mentioned gray I was picturing a much lighter shade. I agree with you that the gray turned out very nice. You would have to be an expert to pick up on differences between these two chairs. Looks like your black one is Black Palisander and her gray one is Walnut. Is that correct?

  • Fredrick Stakem

    Yes that's correct.

  • sshiggin

    really close to pulling the trigger on the UF reproduction but at 6'4" the standard vs tall version has me second guessing myself. It seems at my height the tall won't really provide any more then the standard as far as head support. Can anyone confirm my hunch?

  • Kevin Kellogg

    The extra 2.5" wasn't enough for me, but everyone is different. I am 6'2" and I sat in both versions at a Herman Miller retailer. No head support in either version in my case. If you have a HM retailer near you it would be worth your time to compare the two.

    I personally like a chair with some head support and have decided to look for another chair even though the look of the Eames is hard to beat.

  • dada18

    I believe the top portion of the chair is meant to support the arch on back of your neck as you lean back in a lounge position as the chair is design to do, rather than the back of your head.. this might be a common misconception.. Urban Furnishing's chair feels great.

  • Mike Marshall

    Hello! What a great thread. I am considering a (best of) replica. I have a stupid question:

    Can this chair work at a desk? Like for a desktop computer? I realize the ottoman would not.

  • Fredrick Stakem

    No. The chair is real low to the ground. I do think it is an amazing chair to work out of if you get a laptop board to put your laptop.

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