Top ten upgrades for new construction?

Heather N
7 years ago
We are in the process of planning our new home. We will be going with a builder who will give us an allowance for our finishings and such and after that everything is an upgrade. So, can you advise (in order of priority) which upgrades are the best value and/or most important? I don't have the allowances yet but I know it includes granite countertops (and I would love quartz). I also want the taller cabinets in the kitchen (8 foot ceiling). Of course I want as much hardwood as we can afford (what is the best value - engineered or real). I want a lot of windows for natural light and to enjoy our new view. Oh! And a floor to ceiling brick/rock fireplace (we live in AK). Then on lighting is it less expensive to go with pot lights or not? So, you see, I could go on but clearly I am going to have to prioritize and choose. Thanks for your help!

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