Is it microfiber fabric that repels stains?

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7 years ago
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My niece got a sofa years ago that was covered with microfiber, or a fabric that looks like ultra suede. She says that the fabric cleans up like a champ. She has 2 young sons who have spilled all sorts of liquids and food on it, they climbed all over it etc. I saw the sofa last week, and yes it looks like a million bucks. I was thinking this would be great to use on the large cushions at our window seat kitchen table. But we have a very traditional home. Is this fabric appropriate for traditional homes? And if it is microfiber that cleans up as good as my nieces sofa, I would like to find out a fabric manufacturer recommendation. Attached are a couple of photos. Sorry not a full shot as the wallpaper hangers table is in the photo and not all cushions on seat.
Thank you.

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