Small nursery help?

March 25, 2014
last modified: March 25, 2014
Hi! I'm going to be having a baby boy in August, and I am struggling with what to do with his future nursery in our new home.

The room is fairly small-- about 10x11. It has a single window, but the room still gets a decent amount of sunlight most of the day. Since we've only just recently moved in, we haven't yet done any painting, and everything is still very neutral. So, the current paint color is an extremely light, blue-toned gray-- it's a barely there type color. The molding in the room, and throughout the house, is natural wood, and i would be reluctant to paint it. The carpeting is a "greige" neutral.

All that said, we love atypical nursery design, and prefer concepts that can be easily altered so they can grow up with our children. My older son had a two-toned gray nursery in our old home, and I painted a city-scape mural over his crib in the grays, a black, and a buttery yellow. Since his new room is also gray (albeit a much lighter shade), I didn't repaint the walls, but I did redo his mural.

For this new room, I've been considering two ideas thus far: 1) painting an accent wall in a peachy orange and accessorizing with pops of rich teal and citron, or 2) leaving the walls the light gray neutral and decorating the room with black and white patterns and primary colored pop-art (think Lichtenstein and Mondrian).

But, I have my concerns with both ideas. I'm worried a bold orange might overwhelm the small room, even if used for just an accent wall. And I'm worried that leaving that soft gray as-is is far too boring, even when paired with black and white patterns and bright primary colors.

...Does anyone have any suggestions?

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