Proposed/Photoshopped kitchen idea (with your input!)

Jay Bartlett
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago
This is a follow up to an original post I made a few days ago. Here is what we've decided!

In summary my wife and I just bought a new home. We are going from 900 sqft to 3,600 sqft. We have 2 kids. The house is in immaculate condition, is 27 years young and the previous owners did a great job making every renovation meticulous.

So, our first mission, aside from buying TONS of furniture, is to...change the kitchen!

Our biggest dislike - the color of the cabinets . Too warm, too 80s, too oak. They just won't go with the rest of our decor which will be more of an industrial-like look (coppers, metals, black reclaimed woods and mechanical-ish stuff.)

With your input we've decided to paint the cabinets black. I prefer to retain the wood grain. I took to photoshop to sketch a before and after (photos attached).

To reduce the amount of wood we see we plan to have 4 of the upper cabinets converted to a mix of glass and wood. We will update all the cabinet hardware (minus the card catalog drawers). We're going to leave the floor for a later renovation and focus on the cabinets, fan and lighting over the bar. We'll also be replacing the dishwasher and stove with SS appliances to match the fridge.

I've sent out a few emails for quotes on the cabinets. If you are local to the DC area and want to bid, feel free to let me know!

I'm also toying with the idea of going DIY and tackling it myself with some of BM's Advance paint. I have access to the house for 1 week before we move in and have taken that week off from work to install a few things and build a home theater faux wall. I have plenty of tools and a 30x25 garage that is currently free of anything.

So, what are your thoughts? What do you think I'd be looking at in hours of labor to have this professionally finished? The kitchen is 18x17, but I don't have access to the house to measure cabinets. As you can see there are MANY of them :)

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