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Any experience with a Miele or other plumbed-in coffee machine?

February 12, 2012

Heavily considering a plumbed in cva4066ss Miele coffee system. Anybody have one? I think the Thermador is it's only competition but is not plumbed in as far as built in systems. Opinions? Starting a new home build and would be nice to add to my kitchen.

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  • mojavean

    Mine is a couple years old. It gets my highest recommendation for what we use it for, which is for coffee day or night. I am not a coffee snob and I suffer involuntary bouts of unconsciousness when people start talking about esoteric aspects of coffee. The machine is a super-automatic concealed within a wall-mount package. Coffee snobs sniff at superautomatics, I love them.

    We buy beans in bulk from Costco and they work great. If you want a cup of espresso or coffee night or day, just walk up to the machine, make a selection and push the button. Voila.

    Definitely get the self-plumbed version. Not messing with water is a great convenience.

    The biggest selling point of the Miele, to me, was the ease of service. Everything pulls out of the front of the machine. Fill the beans, empty the waste container, even the entire brew group pulls straight out of the front if you ever need to clean it, which is almost never because the machine is just so well engineered.

    Problems: The machine was shipped to me with a loose plug-jack in the wiring harness that I had to diagnose and fix when Miele denied my warranty ( I bought it from a dealer selling in violation of Miele's RPM resale policy, on ebay) But I figured it out. Suggest you NOT buy on ebay unless the seller agrees to give you a guarantee of warranty in writing before purchase.

    Another problem is the stainless steel milk thermos. The vessel itself is great, keeps milk fresh for a whole day. But the lid has a couple of plastic siphon tubes that go down into the vessel to pump milk to the boiler. If you even slightly torque the plastic it shatters. When I got tired of patching them up, I replaced them with PEX lines. Much more durable and I don't worry about somebody breaking them anymore.

    Hint: The milk cleaning packets Miele sells are over a dollar apiece. But if you dissolve one of their packets in warm water and smell the solution, you will pick up the unmistakeable whiff of Oxygen. The same smell you smell when you dissolve Oxyclean powder in water. So if you get tired of paying over a buck a day to clean your milk system, try a scant teaspoon of Oxyclean powder dissolved in warm water. It works great.

    If you do get the Miele, it is packaged with two plastic containers that could be mistaken for fancy shipping spacers. They are not. They are used for system cleaning and descaling. So hang on to them.

  • joc6820

    I am a coffee snob so would never use one of these. If you must have built in and plumbed, check out the brew express. It will produce much better coffee than the Miele, but not espresso. If you want espresso and coffee and don't have to have built in, there are much better super automatics than the miele for less money. I'm talking coffee quality here, not convenience, aesthetics, etc.

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  • a2gemini

    My DH is into quality coffee and rejected the built in models

  • PRO

    Yeah, it's cool to build it into the wall, but it's not that cool for that much money and the resultant quality of the coffee produced. Buy an enexpensive Moka pot and a decent milk frother and then put the extra $2500 into your range and hood instead. Or into a fully integrated fridge instead of just plain paneled. Or a Meile DW instead of Bosch. Or any of the hundreds of cost over runs you will experience on a new build.

  • txjoyce

    No experience with Miele, but we love our Jura - not sure if they can be built in/plumbed. We got ours online from Costco at considerable savings.

  • Vandit

    Greendssigns- am already getting a Miele diamond DW, bi48 sub zero stainless, and wolf 48 inch AG range. The Miele system is a cool looking system and was impressed by the taste of the coffee compared to my $1200 Bosch Bienveneto automatic espresso machine.

  • Jack Kennedy

    Is the Miele you are looking at a super automatic or does it use the nespresso pod system? They make both. The nespresso pods deliver a fantastic cup of coffee, at a price. I have a nespresso machine and replaced it with a Jura super automatic. The coffee is not quite as good but it also costs considerably less.

  • taggie

    We have it, waffled enormously on the cost but ended up going for it, and am so glad we did. It's the BEST thing about our kitchen. Love love love love love it ... (btw, did I mention I love it?).

    It's both the pre-plumbed part and the fact that it holds a boatload of beans that makes it worth it's weight in gold for me (though you'd have to appreciate just what a complete and total cyclone mess my husband made every time he brewed a pot of pre-miele coffee to truly understand this, it was unbelievable!).

    Like mojavean, I also "suffer involuntary bouts of unconsciousness when people start talking about esoteric aspects of coffee", lol. It makes a good cup of coffee as far as I'm concerned.

    We made sacrifices on our other appliances in order to justify this purchase. For you it sounds like you can easily afford it, you seem to want it, so I say you should definitely do it.

  • Vandit

    Thx Taggie. That's what I was thinking. I like our Bosch we have had for 4 years, but like the plumbed in aspect and the large storage container of the Miele. I also like that it is built in and makes a great cup from what I tasted at the appliance store. Was just making sure no one had any horror stories from this machine.i might go with the Miele warming drawer underneath to match the machine. Do you need to buy any extra trim kit for the cva4066ss or does it come ready to install? Anyone installed it with the warming drawer (the big regular one, not the small one for cups)??

  • taggie

    Vandit, we don't have a warming drawer but if we did we wouldn't have put it under our coffee maker due to where it sits in the kitchen. We did put a fridge and freezer drawer underneath though, which has been great as a place to store cream for regular coffee, and my husband has his milk, ice, and frozen fruit handy for the smoothies he makes at that breakfast bar area every morning as well.

    You don't need any kind of a trim kit; just give your cabinet maker the cutout specs from the miele spec sheet and then the coffee maker just fits in there perfectly. We asked our cabinet maker to raise the cutout a couple of inches off the counter and make a frou-frou-ey trim piece below it (I like frou frou, lol). Pics below of what ours looks like installed:

    Hope this helps. Good luck Vandit, and enjoy your new kitchen and coffee maker!!

  • mojavean

    Superautomatics all work substantially the same way: Water is heated in a vessel and pumped at high pressure through a compressed 'puck' of coffee. The grinding, compressing, dispensing, and disposal of the puck into the waste bin are all handled similarly. I have had espresso out of several brands of superauto and haven't noticed much difference one way or the other when it comes to the quality of the beverage made. If you use decent beans you will like the coffee, unless you are a purist, in which case get a Rancilio Sivia with a PID and go to town.

    There is nothing inferior in the product the Miele produces. The most common complaint is that the coffee isn't "hot" enough, if one is to believe some of the reviews of the older-generation Mieles. While it is true that the coffee is not as hot as you might expect coming out of a Mister Coffee, it is not unpalatably cooler, and there are user-selectable settings in the Miele that allow you to increase the temp of the coffee, as well as the dose of coffee, amount of water, fineness of grind, etc.

    If you like the taste of coffee coming out of a super then the Miele will most likely make you very happy.

    The good news is that if you live near or plan to travel to one of the Miele factory showrooms in several major cities you can stop by for a demo. Tasting the coffee is highly recommended. We did just that and liked it.

    But what we really like is the convenience, the fact that we can simply walk up to the machine in the morning, slip a cup under the spout, push a button and have coffee magically appear is simply too cool for school. If there is something in the ritualized drudgery of having to work to make your own coffee that you enjoy, then the Miele is simply not for you and you should explore other avenues. A Brew Express, perhaps? Other than that, the Brew Express is not in the same ballpark as the Miele. It is not in the same league, or even on the same planet. They are entirely different in every regard. The Brew Express is a manual coffeemaker in a cubby-hole. The Miele is a barrista in a box that will make you a dynamite cappuccino, foamy milk and all, with one button push.

    I get up early and my desire to fool around with a coffee machine first thing in the morning is remarkably low. That, combined with the superb engineering that went into the maintenance aspects of the machine, have made it a nearly perfect choice for us. When we are away from home the appliances I miss most are my range and the coffee machine.

  • joc6820

    The key to great coffee is proper (high enough) water temperature at the extraction stage of the brew process. The Brew Express is one of only a hand full of home machines certified by the SCAA (Specailty Coffee Association of America) to accomplish this. Any casual coffee drinker could easily taste the difference between coffee brewed optimally (temperature and extraction) and the vast majority of machines that don't get it right. No super automatic, including the Miele, comes even close this standard.
    This may not be important for folks looking for convenience, button-pushing, speed, looks, etc. The coffee the Miele produces is not "bad," but it can easily be surpassed by many other options, mostly non built-in. I mentioned the Brew Express because it is a built-in design (coffee only). Espresso, IMO, should be produced by a separate, dedicated machine designed for that purpose.

  • downtowner

    I would like to be a coffee snob, but I am a snob over too many other things, and I don't have the time and the patience. And DW actually doesn't like espresso. Life is hard. :>)

    However, I have enough experience to recommend against the Miele or the Jura Capresso, etc.

    I have the only super automatic that coffee snobs at places like home-barista.com will only mildly sniff at. The Quickmill
    Monza Deluxe
    Super Automatic
    Espresso Machine

    Get it from Chriscoffee.com and you will get exceptional service. (Mine is packed up right now for servicing on an obscure problem (life is hard).

    I had a Miele tech fix a problem for me after talking to Chris Coffee. He said that he thought the Miele's were excellent machines, but he could see they do not hold a candle to the Monza. He was deeply impressed.

    While our Monza is being repaired, we have set up the old Jura Capresso S9. We are feeling very sorry for ourselves. The water may be hot, but the coffee it makes is vastly inferior.

    Everything about this machine is superior. It can make espresso and froth simultaneously, it is infinitely better built, it is much more finely controlled, the frothing is several steps better. If you can afford this, and don't want to spring for a $6k commercial machine, please do yourself a favor and get the Monza.

    It also looks much better.

    The people at Chris Coffee are such fanatics, they took a superior machine and told Quickmill what improvements it needed. The new designed was tested for a year at all the MacDonalds in Italy before being released in the US.

    Life is too short, and coffee is too important, not to have an adequate machine. At this time, there seems to be only one adequate super automatic, that is leaps and bounds better than any other.

  • UKCoachCalipari

    Love the Monza, best super Auto out there and maybe the only one that produces cafe quality espresso and can use non-oily and oily beans alike.

    Couple of things

    It is tempermental. Takes time to dial in the right pre-infusion, Boiler, and group temp (a feature very few if any Supers have). The one thing that fluctuates wildly is the grinder which is stepless with a worm gear giving infinite courseness settings. Though a grinder of the Monza's quality is on par with very high quality standalones, it has to be tweaked to each beans characteristics. So if a coffee drinker experiments with different beans from around the world, it can take the first 1/2 pound just to get the tweak right not to mention the Pre-infustion time and temps.

    If you want a Super that is one touch and treats every bean generically, go with a miele, however even a Saeco Xlesis or Jura Z7.S9 probably outperforms it. The Miele's is flush mounted which makes it cool looking.

  • PoshHaus

    Saeco machines also offer some great models like the Experilla, or the Synthia at half the price of a built in.

  • Vandit

    got the cva4066 3 months ago. LOVE IT. Way better than our Bosch super auto. Great cup of coffee and expresso.

  • sritacco

    I'm in the middle of a new kitchen build-out and I have been
    looking at the Ariston / Scholtes built-in super-auto.
    I just don't have anywhere to fit the units that
    require 20+" of depth. The Ariston is only 12 inches
    deep and will fit in a wall cabinet. I have the perfect
    place for that in my kitchen design. Ideally, I would
    have liked the plumbed unit but I settled for the non-
    plumbed unit because I scored it off ebay for less than
    half normal retail.

    I had already posted here asking if anyone had any
    experience with Ariston. One fellow posted a horror story.
    I decided I was willing to "risk it" given the excellent
    price. It will be 3-4 months before I'll be using it, but
    I will be sure to let others on this forum know how it goes.

    I'm really a drip coffee lover and I think I will only use
    the espresso machine occasionally (yet another reason I
    couldn't justify the $2k-3k price of other units).

  • sritacco

    So, I still haven't tired out the Ariston but it is very very
    good looking. It looks so pretty it must be good :-)
    I can't wait to get this thing installed and try it out.

  • scotkight

    I'm an absolute coffee nut, though I cant drink much in a single setting. That being said what I do have I want to be killer. In my quest I've tried just about ever single mechanism under the sun.

    If you want GOOD coffee for yourself, you have three choices.

    1: Vacuum/Balance brewer. They range from cheap to expensive, but the expensive ones are absolutely stunning and a talking point for all of your guests and will be something you can show off in your kitchen.

    2: French press. Don't think I need to get into that too much.

    3: Clover, if you can get one and have 6-10 large ones (ARGH starbucks, why did you buy and ruin this company?)

    Everything else is a tradeoff. The drip ones are ok, but more built to deliver a lot of coffee and not always quality. The expensive ones are (generally) no better than the cheap ones and only a few actually seem to heat the water to the right temperatures.

    Espresso is a different beast entirely. I've had a few cheap ones, a rocky, a giotto ecm and finally have a plumbed in La Spaziale Vivaldi II. Even at two shots a day, the plumbed in version is so worth it.

    All of the superautomatics have significant tradeoffs and I do not like them, normally this is found in the grinder but they can extend to all kinds of different places. Go check out homebrista and coffeegeek for good information about all of the different units.

    Just keep in mind that the quality of the grinder is probably only second to the roast/freshness of the beans in coffee taste. Must do that part right as well.

  • judsontr

    DONT BUY THIS MACHINE. Initially we loved this machine, but after having the center brew unit fail after a few months, they told us to set on coarse grind & clean frequently , they sent a new one that we cleaned religously (weekly). Now this one has failed and Miele is saying this time it is becuase we use french roast and espresso beans "which are oily" and they recommend not to use those beans or if you do to clean daily. NOWHERE IN THE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS DOES IT STATE THAT BUT WE ARE SOMEHOW SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT. They refuse to replace the brew unit since it is out of warranty and it is our fault we didn't have devine knowledge regarding what beans to use. Their customer service people are arrogant. They told us we should have called and asked their "care & use department" about any issues that are not in their opearting intrusctions when we bought the machine and they would have told us Miele recommends not using "oily beans". IF THEY RECOMMEND THAT - PUT IT IN THE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS!!

  • agk2003

    wow judsontr, that is awful! we really want this machine, for convenience and admittedly equally for looks and cool factor, but to shell out that kind of money and end up with a useless machine is horrible.

  • agk2003

    btw,when we were at aj madison, we asked about the coffee machine and the salesman said someone ruined it by putting flavored beans in it so their floor model wasn't working. how can one determine if their beans are "oily"?

  • saeyedoc

    Salesman I've talked to suggested not getting the plumbed in model, too many catastrophic problems can occur.

  • rodraphael

    We love our plumbed Miele Coffee Unit. It was expensive but worth every penny. We but Sams brand coffee beans and it makes the best cup of coffee or Esspresso. Just do what the machine tells you to do. If it wants you to rinse, clean or de-scale it!! But again it is worth every penny. Did I say we Love it.

  • sritacco

    I installed the Ariston about 9 months ago and love it. It works perfectly and brews delicious espresso. After researching these machines I decided to only use distilled water in it so that I could avoid decalcification and extend its life. It appears that now even the Scholtes version of this machine is no longer available in the US market. That's too bad because it is compact, well designed and looks beautiful.

  • mycoffee1

    We have a Dacor Built-in Coffee Maker, and we've had it for 8 years. Fortunately, they keep somehow renewing our warranty - unfortunately, we keep needing to use it. It looks gorgeous with it s stainless steel facade, but much of it is - if you can believe it - silver painted plastic! (like the spigots on the front and its housing unit, as well as several pieces inside connected to actual metal). It is cheaply made, and unreliable. We have had it in our home for 4-5 yrs of the 8 we've had it, as it sits `in repair' with the repair co. for months on end as the parts come from California and are unreliable. Buy anything but this brand. We're refusing further repairs and getting money back to put towards another - but with Dacor -buyer beware.

  • sritacco

    This is the Ariston installed that I mentioned above. I've been using the machine for almost a year and I love it. It's really a shame it's not available any more because it fits in locations the other built in machines won't.

  • chuckreed

    i have the cvs 4066 built in coffee maker. i love the convenience but the coffee tastes terrible. i keep the parts clean and have tried many settings. i am using coffee beans that i like. it taste a bit like dirty water (my water is filtered and taste good). any ideas please?? thanks

  • PRO
    Nouvel Kitchen and Bath

    I am a huge Miele fan myself (and do work in the industry) - a wonderful cup of coffee every morning is what I need and a beautiful fully plumbed (use flex plumbing) with nice LED lights experience always delivers perfection that you would expect from a high-end German appliance. If you own a German car, you would know what I am referring to though when I say "it has it's flaws", such as 1. expensive service 2.finicky when it comes to greasy beans. Otherwise, would do it again in a heart beat. If budget is an issue and you do not like to complicate your life and freestanding Saeco (takes full beans as well) has not let me down in the same 7 years that I have owned both. Miele produces better coffee in my opinion. I also like Nespresso machines that takes pods - another option if you like simplicity and ease of care. Good luck, if you need any other appliance advice, feel free to visit our kitchen showroom in Tysons and we can help you further. This piece of advice is more driven by my personal experiences:)

  • sritacco

    Nouvel, I find that Miele appliances are nice but still have their quirks. I have their speed-oven and incognito dishwasher. The speed-oven is the only microwave I've ever encountered that requires that you turn it off after it is finished microwaving (or it sits their beeping annoyingly). It does a great job of cooking, but the finishes on the interior of the oven cavity don't clean up well (even the glass tray...). The favorites functions are quirky (sometimes a favorite with a timer doesn't honor the time, yepp it burns toast unpredictably). I still like it a lot, but I think they can get closer to perfection. The dishwasher is disappointingly loud compared to Bosch. That isn't to say it is loud, it isn't, but it is a lot louder than my prior Bosch. I have two Gaggenau cooking appliances as well and honestly, they get closer to perfection. I don't have any complaints about the ovens... maybe the best appliance I've ever owned. The gas cooktop is also pretty darn good... tiny complaint - the mulit-ring burners can have ignition problems at times, but boy does it cook. :-)

  • divotdiva2

    any new opinions on the built-in Miele? We are interested in the plumbed version although why they have changed the stainless milk container to a (breakable and expensive to replace) glass one is beyond me. I have a Saeco type manual espresso machine, but it takes time and effort to create a cup of coffee or espresso, not want we want first thing in the morning. So it's sitting in the garage for now. Tried a Tassimo - DH did not like due to the lack of coffee pods available in our area, none avail at the grocery and having to go to Bed Bath & Beyond for refill pods. We currently have a Keurig that I hate, I can no longer stand the insipid lukewarm coffee it spits out, and it's constantly clogged. Always running vinegar through it or digging out crud with a paperclip. A few times a week I would like to enjoy a latte or cappuccino instead of a coffee. DH would drink mostly coffee. We don't frequent Starbucks or other coffee shops - much prefer just to drink coffee at home before going to work. Starbucks or McDonalds' coffee is an occasional buy only.

    We are not coffee geeks either (just wine snobs) - so the finer esoteric points of this crema over that from another machine will escape me. However we are thinking the convenience of the built-in will be a small pleasure in life over a counter top unit such as the Jura. The steamlined look of the Miele is also a plus. I would value additional input from those who have recently purchased the Miele, as well as updates from folks like movajean who have had one for a few years now. (as this post started in 2012)

  • georgibell

    We just moved out of this home and into a new one. I loved my Miele!!! Amazing coffee and I cleaned and descaled it when it advised. I have moved into a new home and plan to get another soon. This new house has the Brew Express already built in but they left coffee in the thermos and no water went through it for about 4 months. I have run water through it till I'm blue in the face and have bought another brew express to replace it. (Under $400 at Lowes) But I have told my husband that I eventually will get another Miele (plumbed like the one above). He definitely got his money's worth buying this for me 6 years ago. I don't get coffee when others stop at starbucks. I would wait till I got home to fix mine. Never had any problems with this machine..

  • Jo

    We have the CVA6805 - plumbed in. We've had it for about a year, and in that time had three or four warranty services. Sometimes it would stop producing milk foam and the overall coffee temperature would be just warm (and a bit disgusting). Last visit from the service guy was about a month ago. Worked fine for 2 weeks, then stopped producing foam again.

    I love this machine when it works properly. It's beautiful, convenient, easy to clean and the coffee tastes great (for me at least).

    I'm hoping we got a lemon and I'm asking for it to be replaced because this is unacceptable - half the time I get bad coffee. And for the amount this machine costs...this just isn't ok.

  • Jo

    Just a little update: Miele service guy came on Friday. Spent about 3 or 4 hours trying to fix the machine. Finally he just gave up, took our old machine and told us we're getting a brand new one! Yay for that! He also said that out of all the machines installed, ours has had the most problems. It had abot 300 or so workint hours, which I understand is not much at all. They have one in the showroom that has about 9000 coffees made and it's still going strong (it's where we tested the coffee machine first and it made a really good coffee).

    Hopefully more luck with the next one :)

  • lapsangtea

    yey, glad to hear you are getting a new machine-- all that service in year one after all the money for a coffee machine is just terrible! I'd be pretty peeved. Hope all is well from here on out!

  • divotdiva2

    thanks to Jo for her update and to georgibell for comments. I hope the new machine is working great, Jo? DH is second guessing the need for the built in but my heart is a little set on it. I want the machine OFF the counter.

  • beckergm

    We installed the plumbed Dacor coffee maker and microwave in our kitchen 10 years ago. The Microwave broke so many times in the first year they replaced it. After the one year warranty, the new one broke. We just scrapped it and went with a cheap sharp that has lasted all these years. The coffee maker required constant repair. It flooded our cabinets and when Dacor replaced our plumbed unit they said they would not warranty another plumbed unit. They installed a regular unit with a water tank. That has required literally thousands of dollars in repairs. It died a year ago. I just can not put anymore money into the unit. We are now buying the Miele microwave and Miele CVA 6805 coffee system. It is requiring us to rework the cabinets. Wish us luck!

  • sritacco

    Beckergm, have you considered Gaggenau? I really think it's a better product.

  • zippitydoodaday

    Jo, thank you for
    your post. I am wondering how you so easily got a replacement for your
    lemon. We have a Miele CVA6805. It is just awful! It has been constantly broken since installation that we had to purchase a backup Keurig coffee maker
    just to have coffee in our home.

    The Miele unit will not descale (constant error messages) and
    the coffee is the most weak, dirty-water color and vile-tasting coffee I have
    ever tasted. Technical support on the phone just goes on and on how the
    beans can't be oily trying to pass the buck and blame on me, but I purchased
    the most expensive and freshest beans I could find. Even the field Rep agreed that the beans don't
    look oily. The unit we received is a lemon and they will not fess up to
    it. The guy on the phone said, "I will lose my job if I use that

    next date for a service call will make it a whole month since this unit has been
    broken, and this is a NEW INSTALLATION. To make matters worse, they are
    sending the same Technician who did NOTHING the last time. He actually
    thought the color of the coffee was normal. I wondered if he is a tea
    drinker, because there is nothing normal about the color or taste of this

    is not taking our problems seriously. Does anyone have any advice about
    how to get proper service from Miele? How do I get them to either fix in
    a TIMELY FASHION a constantly broken machine or replace a lemon?

    anyone else experienced the same problems with the CVA6805? What did you

    to say, I would caution anyone from purchasing this coffee machine until you
    see a follow up post from me that this on-going issue has been resolved.

  • Jo

    It wasn't easy at all. We had about 5 or 6 service calls in the first year. The guy that came for the last 3 calls was a senior technician, and he still couldn't figure out what was wrong. I always had to wait at least 2 weeks (but usually 1 month) for someone to come. This is a normal amount of time from what I've read around for high-end products (and not just for Miele), because there are only a few trained technicians.

    It has been just a little over one year with our new unit and I'm happy to report we haven't had any problems, it works great and the coffee is awesome. We did have a software problem when it was just intalled (apparently it had the software of another model), but they fixed that quickly and no problem ever since.

    I think you could ask for another technician, at least for a second opinion. Also, the taste/color of the coffee could be because your machine has not been descaled.

    I know it's frustrating, and I'm sorry I cannot suggest a better/quicker option for you.

  • zippitydoodaday

    Thank you for detailing your experience, Jo, and giving me hope that eventually we will have a working machine that makes delicious coffee.

    I was hoping that since we reside in Los Angeles the time between service calls would be quicker than 2 weeks (I can understand waiting longer times in remote areas).

    To be fair, I was comparing this to my experience with a dishwasher that was declared dead on arrival. Miele was very quick to mitigate that problem, and at that time I was very impressed with their service. Perhaps they put a higher priority on dishwashers then coffee machines, and items that are dead on arrival versus don't work properly.

    Until then...I guess its Keurig and patience. I hate disposing all those environmentally unfriendly K-cups, but found a company in San Francisco that makes cups that break down completely, sanfrancisobaycoffee.com

  • triciamorgan

    I know this is kind of an old story, but I have to say, we've had the plumbed in Miele since we built our house 4 years ago and haven't had any problems. I use Starbucks Espresso Roast beans exclusively and, if I'm honest, this machine is my favorite appliance in the house. If it failed, I would replace it with the same. It is used multiple times a day. Our builder questioned the value, but making my macchiato in the morning is a part of my daily routine that I find to be a simple pleasure that brings me great joy... For what it is worth!

  • Jo

    I have a question for those with Miele plumbed in coffee machines: do you ever find water under the tray? Or, for example, if you take the tray out to empty it, does it ever drip with the tray taken out?

    Mine does, and I'm 100% sure this did not happen with my previous machine that was exactly the same model. They insist it's not a fault and tell me to empty the tray with the machine turned off, or to routinely check and empty the tray every morning before turning it on.

    Yeah...that's not going to happen. I didn't pay top dollar for Miele top of the line to jump through hoops to get coffee. Am I wrong on insisting this gets fixed while it's still under warranty?

  • DrB477

    Doesnt seem right to me,nothing like that with mine.

  • Jo

    I thought so. Thank you so much!

  • sritacco

    Here we are in 2018 and I thought I would post an update on the Ariston espresso machine I posted a picture of above. Almost 4 years now and it continues to be a wonderful machine. I've since learned that the "guts" of the machine are actually made by Saeco. I've used distilled water in it from day-one. I had read a few postings about problems with calcification so I thought it would be best to avoid the whole issue. I have the model that isn't plumbed. Scholte had been selling a version of this appliance in the US, but they have also stopped importing the unit. It's a shame. Bosch and Smeg are now both importing machines of similar dimensions.

  • Beth Lewis

    Doesn't Wolff make a plumbed-in model too? Or should I avoid mentioning that?

  • Nick Francone

    I have the Miele CVA 6800 Built-in Coffee System not plumbed in. I have owned the coffee machine for 2 years and have problems with the milk not frothing. It doesn't happen on a consistent basis. This is my 3rd coffee machine. They have updated the software and changed the plastic tubing to a different grade. They tell me now that I should do a milk froth using water after making a milky hot drink. Then they tell I should use the cleaning agent after doing a milky drink. The last three times the technician came for service they cannot replicate the problem. I have yet to find a pattern to replicate the problem at this point but I am still trying. Anyone else having any issues with milk frothing. By the way I am using 1% milk.

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