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Any rec's on a treadmill?

Annie Deighnaugh
December 7, 2018
last modified: December 7, 2018

Our treadmill is *very* old and dying and we'd like to replace it for xmas.

Any recommendations on brand? We are not runners but walkers so we certainly aren't going over 10 mph and we don't need that big of a treadmill.

We were considering the https://www.amazon.com/ProForm-PFTL60916-505-2016-Model/dp/B01KUBW1XC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1544191965&sr=8-3&keywords=proform+505+cst+treadmill

ProForm 505 which looks a lot like the one they are also selling at Costco for the same price.

But we are open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

Comments (28)

  • Michael

    Get one with long handles for hanging clothes. My sister stores her shoes on the belt.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked Michael
  • wanda_va

    Just remember--the longer it is, the more fabric you can store on it!

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked wanda_va
  • Annie Deighnaugh

    oh brother!

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Actually it's downstairs in the exercise room so it's not good for clothes hanging. DH is an avid gym rat but when the snows come, he can't make it to the gym so he works out here, so it will get some use...

  • Uptown Gal

    LOL LOL thanks for the laughs. We used to have one...but the cat used it more

    than us....she slept on it.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked Uptown Gal
  • writersblock

    You know, if you can hold out till, say, March, you can probably get one for free, from one of the people who decided for New Year that "2019 is the year!" and gave up in Feb. They're incredibly hard to place with sporting goods consignments, so people quickly reach the point where they'll let you have it if you haul it away.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked writersblock
  • Michael

    Annie usually has a sense of humor, but not when it comes to her man's glutes.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked Michael
  • mayflowers

    Is that the one that Wirecutter recommends?


    Annie Deighnaugh thanked mayflowers
  • dees_1

    ProForm is a good brand. There is adequate space for hanging clothes as well as storing shoes. The styling will blend in any décor and I think you can fold it up in case you need to hang long dresses.

    I have an older NordicTrac that works well.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked dees_1
  • OutsidePlaying

    I am not at home until later today but Consumer report just had some ratings I can look at for you. There were some expensive and not so expensive models rated. And foldable and stationary models.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked OutsidePlaying
  • patriceny

    I have a Precor treadmill I bought from an Sport and Fitness store. I've had it for years. It gets used 5 days a week and has been a workhorse. I am very pleased with mine.

    The store I bought it from has a great reputation and mostly sells to gyms, and I was told Precor is one they recommend the most because it's (allegedly) a solid company and they build solid products which hold up well to use. (Not that sales people ever lie..... ha ha...) However this store services what they sell, and I do actually believe them.

    Mine has preset routes which can be fun to use and also inclines up to such a high percentage that I can barely walk it, much less run on it it that high. The heart rate monitor is fun too.


    Annie Deighnaugh thanked patriceny
  • patriceny

    By the way - if you're really going 10 mph my hat is off to you. That's a 6 minute mile my friend, and that's some fast running!!

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked patriceny
  • nicole___

    Ours is about 25 years old.....but....I purchased a repair contract with it. In the 1st 10 years it had the roller replaced, the belt surface you jog on "and" the digital control panel. After ALL that, I discontinued the repair contract. :0) I was told to look for a large rear roller, it would last longer. Don't know if that's true. Note: mine is an Image 10.6/not made any more?

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked nicole___
  • eld6161

    We have A NordicTrack. I used it for two years, between dogs. Now getting on the treadmill would be redundant.

    That said. I think it can be a good idea. Whichever you choose, get a really good one. It does make a difference.

    If your DH is a diehard treadmill user at the gym, he will enjoy having one at home.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked eld6161
  • Lars

    I have an AFG Elliptical trainer, if you are interested in going that route. The price has come way down since I bought mine one year ago. It started out at $2600, and we paid half that, but it is now down to less than $900. I almost wish I had waited to buy it, but I really needed it when I did buy it. My only complaint about it is that occasionally, the bluetooth connection to my tablet gets lost, but I don't know whether that is the fault of the machine or the tablet.

    We also bought an extended warranty on it, but have had no issues with it, and I use it almost every day. It has a jack for headphones (the speaker it has are terrible), and I play music using Musicolet app on my tablet, which connects to the machine via bluetooth. It also saves my info to MyFitnessPal, but only if you pay for a premium membership to that, which I did not. I got one month free, but it still saves all my workout info on my tablet with the AFG app that I use to control the machine.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked Lars
  • Lindsey_CA

    We have a NordickTrack FreeStride Trainer FS7i. It's a Stepper, Elliptical, and Treadmill - all in one, and it doesn't take up as much room as a treadmill.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked Lindsey_CA
  • localeater

    I have a Spirit XT 675, I have had it at least 7 years. It gets used daily from October to May as I can't run outside when it gets cold. The rest of the year it gets used maybe 2x a week.

    I have never had an issue with it.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked localeater
  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Outside Playing, we have the Consumer Report but they didn't rate the ProForm brand at all...

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    I think I'd be happier with a treadmill than the freestyle. In the old days, I used the nordictrak ski machine and because my legs were only moving back and forth, my saddle bags just got bigger...not a good thing. With the treadmill, I can put one foot in front of the other and work the abductors and adductors too.

  • eandhl2

    I had Proform, it is about 20 yrs old, no problems & daughter is now using for running. Not sure it will hold up to that to long but it has never had a problem.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked eandhl2
  • mtnrdredux_gw

    My Precor is 15+ yrs old and still works well.

    I do agree, that if you are so inclined (no pun intended), that you can get very good eqp used. Goodwill won't even take gym eqp, it is so ubiquitous.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked mtnrdredux_gw
  • Michael

    Consider Play It Again Sports if one is nearby. They have plenty of gently used equipment.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked Michael
  • gsciencechick

    I have a Lifespan treadmill desk. It does not incline and only goes to 4 mph. They are designed to go slower for a longer period of time. I don't know what I'd do without it since it saves me during finals (like now).

    Treadmill Desk

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked gsciencechick
  • PRO

    I second the suggestion of getting an Elliptical instead of a treadmill. They are far easier on the knees and hips (and your old arthritic feet!), and help ones core strength as well. A much better workout.

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked Anglophilia
  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Thanks everyone for all your help and suggestions. We decided to go ahead with the proform and it will be delivered before xmas so on xmas day, we'll have several strong bodies around if we need to move it or need help with assembly...or disassembling the old one.

    I talked to DH about the elliptical and we decided in the future we will probably trash the old nordic trak (from the 80s!) and replace it with an elliptical. But for now, we'll stick with the treadmill.

  • jellytoast

    Annie, do you have any feedback on the treadmill you purchased?

  • Caroline Hamilton

    I am an avid runner, I prefer to run outside but when I can't I use my treadmill. I have had my Precor (commercial model- at the time it was almost $3000) for over 22 years and have only ever had one issue with it which was promptly fixed. If I ever replace it, it will be another Precor.

  • jellytoast

    I'd love to get a Precor but don't think it is in my budget.

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