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Bottle Path

February 13, 2008

Hello All! I don't usually post here but I do lurk from time to time, as can be proved by my "Tipsy Pots", but a regular poster on the Florida Forum asked me to post this here. I have recently completed a "Bottle Path" which is a path made out of bottles. The bottles are buried whole, leaving only the bottoms exposed to make the pathway. Here is a picture to show the finished project -


I realize this isn't something you would want to do where the ground freezes or where you have a deposit on bottles but here in Florida it is a really cool way to use those bottles that would otherwise end up in the landfill!


Comments (27)

  • craftylady-2006

    Wow, that is pretty amazing! I take it you aren't afraid the bottles will break. Would you also "grout" them?


  • justlinda

    Very different. Are the bottles filled with sand or dirt before being buried? Great way to dispose of stuff otherwise headed to the landfill.

  • countrygrl

    WOW, that is amazing! How long did it take you to make that?!? What is it like to walk on? It's very creative, and very cool!

  • nmgirl

    How fun is this?!!!!!! Groovy!

  • luna_llena_feliz

    Very cool! I think it would work in the colder climates if the class was encased in concrete. What a novel idea and it looks great too!

  • nova_gw

    The project took two months to complete but I only worked on it on the weekends. The path itself in amazingly sturdy and walking on it is not a problem. In fact, to me, it feels somewhat like a foot massage. During construction I rolled wheelbarrows full of dirt over it without a problem. I would be cautious about running a lawnmower over it but mine is in a small area and I will be using a weedeater around it. The bottles are empty. I am not grouting it so I will have to see how much of a weed problem I will have.

    Thank you for all your compliments! It is a fun project and I like the way it came out!


  • hosenemesis

    The paths bring up fond memories of Grandma Prisby's Bottle Village here in Simi Valley. Art lovers have been working for many years to preserve it-- she constructed numerous houses out of bottles, pencils, and other found objects. I use bottle bottoms in home-made cement pavers to pay tribute to her!

    Here is a link that might be useful: Bottle Village

  • Dottie B.

    That is really cool. And the look could be easily copied for northern gardens by casting little blue concrete circles and setting them in a concrete walkway or even using mulch or pea gravel around them.

  • njtomboy

    WOW! Beautifully done.. I would have expected longer period of time to complete. So where did you get all of the bottles - LOL

    All you need now is a bottle tree!!! :D

  • jannoel_gw

    Kudos to you Nova. Novel idea, wonderfully executed. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • nova_gw

    Thank you all for your compliments! I got most of the bottles from local pubs who first laughed at the idea but when I presented them with a picture of the completed project were impressed with the results!


  • njtomboy

    Again Nova - that is really great! I love it!!!!!!!

  • goldenpond

    I think the local pubs should pay you to make THEM one

  • cut1cow

    That is too cool...

  • kirkus

    That is true artwork! How creative! How did you ever come up with such a fantastic idea? What kinds of bottles did you use? Your pictures should be in a magazine! Thanks for making my day! Kirk

  • manature

    Hi, Nova! *waving*

    Having seen Nova's bottle path in person, I can attest to how cool it is. Nova, Felix (countrynest) sure got something started with this, didn't he? Mark and I are working on one, as well, though ours isn't anywhere near done yet, and will never be as neat as yours. I know at least three other folks on the Florida Gardening forum that are planning to make one of these. It's just the best example of recycling I can think of.

    Funny thing is, yours and Felix's each have such different personalities. His wanders, meandering alongside his stream, and is much looser in construction. Yours is neat and straight (how did you EVER do that?) and really fits perfectly into the part of your garden where you have put it. I so admire your patience and determination in doing this. As usual, I have great intentions, but only two rows of bottles, so far! I need your stick-to-it attitude, I think!

    Great job!


  • countrylvng

    what an awesome job of patience and fortitude, when I read you buried the whole bottle all I could think of was OMG think of how deep they were! I have seen pic of one laying on their side but this is awesome. Your lines are incrediable. Job well done thanks for sharing

  • wannadanc

    I think it has been 50 years since my father did that w/ beer bottles - the entire patio surrounding an outdoor fire pit and BBQ area. Lovely to look at - and a death trap for walking on when bottle bottoms were wet. Slips and falls were legion! Sadly he had to take it up and do concrete floor w/ only a beer bottle trim.

  • countrynest

    Close up of my bottle path shows ridges at the bottom of the bottles making the path non slippery when wet and as nova stated giving you a foot massage when walking barefooted.
    I originally got the idea from my wife´s sister in law,
    Myriam. Her father made paths using all kinds of bottles.
    I made mine along my stream. Meandering as a stream would.
    With a free flow.
    I used mainly beer bottles,collector´s coke bottles and other specialty bottles to make it more interesting when one looks closer. I mow with my yard tractor and it holds the weight very well. The danger is if you lower the blade too low or a weedeater can brake the bottles. That is what happen to me once using a weedeater. Never again.
    I´m disable so I take my time doing it. No hurry. I plan on
    making it wider and putting mulch between the stream and my river of glass and also on the other side. Then there will be no need for mowing in that area.
    The path ends at the great waterfall. There is also a small waterfall.
    You must be careful with the alligators.
    I hope you folks enjoyed the tour. Nova almost fell off the bridge and into the mouth of the ´gator when she came to visit.

  • toomuchglass

    That path is absoultely amazing !!! My jaw dropped when I saw that ! My friend has collected 300 bottles ( she was going to do a craft with them - but never did - now they are all mine if I want them .) Are they buried Empty ? Your project is just awesome !!!!

  • rere

    What resourcefulness. Looks great.

  • concretenprimroses

    Wonderful! Love the alligator too.

  • Purplemoon

    Nova, that photo is in the Inspiration Album now.
    Great job, and a LOT of work!

    Countrynest, your meandering path must have taken a long time to do. I bet it's beautiful in the sunlight along the water. And that River of Glass looks very beautiful. Can you tell us more about that?

    hugs, Karen

  • laura1

    First time for me on this forum and I love it! I am a curb side shopper for sure.

    I just want to comment on Nova's bottle path. I got a chance to see it a few weeks back and the picture doesn't do it justice. It is much "cooler" in person. Good work Nova!

  • yojo

    Every so often, I Google "Bottle Village" to see what's new out there...Imagine my surprise when I came across your Bottle Path project, and a reference to Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village here in Simi Valley CA. Your Bottle Path is awesome and I'd love to add a pic to my new website called BottleVillageStuff... http://bottlevillagestuff.web.officelive.com/default.aspx (copy and paste this link into your browser)
    Your Bottle Path is a delightful reminder to me that the true creative spirit of Grandma Prisbrey lives on in backyards everywhere!

    Here is a link that might be useful: BottleVillageStuff

  • weszig_centurytel_net

    Great looking path1 I am planning to do this. So I am guessing you need to dig out the dirt to the depth of the bottle then fill the area between the bottles with sand?

  • wes10

    How is the path physically created? did you dig a trench put in sand or gravel an place the bottles then add more sand or gravel to the level of the bottoms of the bottles? i need to know cuz I have a bunch of bottles waiting for me to get to work. another problem i forsee is that many of the bottles have bubble bottom that sits up when the bottle sits on its bottom but would be like a cup when turned bottom up. Would make walking difficult I think.

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