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Can you get succulents of all colors??????????????????????????????????

Emma Shiley
July 14, 2018

I have a friend that wants to know if you can get succulents of all colors because she is an art teacher. She mostly wants colors of the rainbow. Also the succulents can be of different types it really does not matter.

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  • Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA

    100% yes;)

    This was made by Debra Lee Baldwin.

    There’s also white Echeveria like cante and black like Echeveria ‘Black Knight’.

    There are even Echeveria like magnifica that is more of a silver grey.

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  • Pagan

    Hi Shirley. Yep, succulent leaves are colorful but you will not get strict ROYGBIV. Close, though. Just tell your friend not to get painted ones.

    Kara, any idea how long that bowl of goodies will last before it falls apart?

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  • socks

    The bowl is spectacular but will soon look less beautiful as some fast growers take over. I'd give it several months. Its life as an attractive arrangement could probably be expanded by frequent strategic pruning.

    Emma--just fyi, some succulents change color if they are in full sun compared to the same succulent in shade. Succulents in lots of sun are usually more red or orange in color; in the shade they will be more green, maybe completely green.

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  • Emma Shiley

    Ok, thanks my friend as doing an art project on them. Also, do you know any certain places you can get them?

  • Emma Shiley

    Also, can you regrow a succulent that is broken off at the top???

  • Emma Shiley

    This is what happened to my plant please respond to me if you know how to help.

  • socks

    Home Depot, any nursery. You may have trouble finding the range of colors shown, and they will be the muted, blended colors of succulents, not pure red, orange, yellow, etc., except green probably.

    Is the plant you showed in a pot? It should be in a pot with holes and fast draining mix, commercial cactus and succulent mix. Yes, the top can grow if you let it dry a few days in the shade, put in a small pot with that same potting mix, keep in the shade, and don't water until it shows signs of growth or seems solid in the pot with a light touch, probably 2-3 weeks.

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  • hellkitchenguy Manuel

    Emma Shiley, for starters your plant needs sunlight. ALL plants need sunlight, and yours looks like it hasn't had any for almost a whole year.

  • Paul MI

    Cute pot! As others have said -- make sure there is a drainage hole(s), harden off to much more sun, and make sure media drains well.

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  • Emma Shiley

    hellkitchenguy Manuel my plant was just bought yesterday and I have not even had it for a year. Also this picture was taken at night. All I was asking was how to regrow the top of it because it broke off.

  • Emma Shiley

    Thanks, Paul MI they have many other styles at Home Depot. Just if you wanted to know. And thanks for telling me to check for drainage holes I will get right on it.

  • Sean Arce

    Hi everyone, thinking about starting ia succulent cactus garden in my apt

    How does this soil mix look? 40% potting soil, 30% perlite, 30% vermiculite

    This is what my window looks

    [img]https://i.imgur.com/rPhZhv5.jpg[/img] willing to also use cfls

  • Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA

    I would stay away from the vermiculite. Just stick with 50/50 perlite cactus mix. You could even add more perlite like 60/40.

    Your window doesn’t look very bright. Do you know what way it faces?

  • rina_Ontario,Canada


    Maybe you just got the plant, but Manuel is correct in saying it is etiolated = stretched, because of lack of light. So it doesn't matter how long you have it or what time of day you took photo. He commented on shape of the plant, not light visible in the photo; it needs to be given proper light or it will never look as it should.

    There is very good chance that it will keep growing. It may branch in that broken spot, or it may continue growing just one stem. It really doesn't matter.

    If you pot it up into a container with drainage hole(s) and into very well draining mix, and slowly expose to more and more sunlight, you should see new growth very soon. You don't need to do anything to the plant to grow otherwise - just give it the good growing conditions I mentioned.

    Sean Arce

    I would suggest for you starting a new thread, you'll get more help. You can even delete this post if you do it soon. I'll look for your new thread!

    Emma Shiley thanked rina_Ontario,Canada
  • Rylee B

    If you haven’t found what you are looking for yet, I can help! I have bright pinks, canary yellows and even plump little plants with every color of the rainbow! They are, as I’ve seen people touch on above, very delicate and require certain care. However, I also love to guide people through the learning process! Hit me up if you want! Below I’ve included a pic of some of my plants!

  • Karen S. (7b, NYC)

    Short answer, no, sorry, not the whole rainbow.

  • Sophia Elizabeth

    Like others have said- the colors change so much based on conditions and to get the full-color-potential of each specific succulent they need lots of sun and for some even “stressing” the plant (ie: lots of sun and very little water) some plants, like the crassula “calico kitten” will turn pink in cooler temps and/or stress. The photos you see online or in advertisements tend to show the plants potential, not so much how it looks in the average persons home. She could always purchase some grow lights and stress the plants to bring out their color, but that would take a lot of time and effort and energy just for a project. Maybe she could use different kinds of flowers to form the color scheme instead- like a mix of roses, sunflowers, tulips etc.

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