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Did Houzz just change format for opening page photos? Hate it!

December 5, 2018

When I go to my opening pages of photos supposedly chosen for me, I know get smaller, almost thumbnail photos, organized by styles and room. Horrible idea! Am I missing something here? Is it just me? Usually, I would get an array of decent-sized photos for browsing. I assume those photos were chosen based on photos I put in my Ideabooks. Now there's a narrowed-down format that is just awful.

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  • apple_pie_order

    Tiny photos for me, too. Useless.

    housegal200 thanked apple_pie_order
  • ninigret

    i only use houzz on my laptop, any other device is frustrating.

  • housegal200

    Darn. Why don't they leave well enough alone? I haven't bookmarked a single photo from the landing pages since they started this format. You can't see anything!

  • D C

    I agree.....terrible new home page format and I only use it on my laptop so no change there.

    There are no "photos" per se. First it's "Shop Houzz" with photos, yes, of different departments, then below that "Contact a Professional" with that type of photo, then below that finally "Photos for You" much smaller than before. I joined Houzz to look at Photos and get ideas, not to shop or contact a local contractor. It seems they are pushing the commercial side more and more making it less and less appealing.

  • housegal200

    Forget it. I won't be browsing photos in the new format. So I guess my Ideabooks, which I used for Design Dilemmas, are fixed in stone.

  • PRO

    Is it just me or is there now something on Houzz that prohibits right clicking on a posted photo to download it?

    I used to be able to download images of the rooms so that I could cut and paste ideas right onto the image. Now iI have to get the picture using my 'SNIPPING TOOL' and it's more time consuming.

    Also can someone clue me into all these HU-######## user names?

    • HU-991998929
    • HU-47918438
    • HU-2600516
    • HU-659114782
    • HU-442290279
    • HU-745362243
    • HU-98950439
    • HU-401789630
    • HU-797779163
    • HU-112658181

    This what I have tracked so far. I was thinking that these users might be not real people. None of them have any information on their Home Page or any Idea Books. I have avoided answering any questions thinking it is a waste of time.

  • Emily H

    Hi there,

    Couple things...

    First, appreciate the feedback on the homepage design. There is currently some testing going on with a new design. Not everyone is seeing the same thing, and I will make sure the team sees your comments.

    Second, the HU-#### usernames are real users that have not selected a username for themselves yet. Apologies for the confusion on that!

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    HU-#### is better than how it started with just the same name (Houzz user) for all the people who hadn’t chosen a user name. Glad it has gotten to the point of of some type of ID, but I don’t understand why Houzz can’t program things so that new users have to choose a user name as part of signing up.

  • housegal200

    Hi, Emily. Thanks for reaching out. Maybe your tech people don't know how your "regular" commentors use the site. No matter what different uses the regulars have, making pictures SMALLER!!!! is never a good idea. Would you browse a tiny store window over a large one? Are your techs not understanding that algorithm-driven browsing--the old system--has been eliminated in favor of pre-packaged categories? Sorry, that doesn't work for me.

    For any regulars who read this, let's share how we negotiate the site as it was before this week. Here's how I work the site:

    I log in. A long scrolling page of large images appears on my personal page based on stories I've read, photos I've stored in my Ideabooks, comments I've made. (I draw from my Ideabooks to answer Design Dilemmas.). The old system included a landing page with a mix of kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. a real mix. When I saw something, I saved it to the relevent Ideabook. I packaged the photos, not Houzz.

    Frankly, I will probably stop using Houzz if this major change is permanent.

    Other regulars may be seeing different changes, so their mileage may vary. I hope they make their preferences known. Thank you.

  • sondramartina

    I hope they will make some changes to the home page. That is not how a home page should look like. As soon as I open it I have to go to another tab , Hate it .

  • PRO
    Filipe Custom Woodwork

    Houzz, you never addressed the issue with being able to save photos by right clicking.

    Need an answer on this. I usually save some for other clients, for reference points etc.

    What's up?

  • Sarah
    @Filipe - I don't think Houzz has allowed downloads of the photos posted on their site for a long time. Probably because the professionals want to protect their intellectual property and not have their images download then shared/misrepresented. The easiest way to solve this is to save the images to a Houzz idea book collection.
  • PRO
    Filipe Custom Woodwork

    Please read BeverlyFLADeziner post up above. i know what she means. When people would post answers with pics you could save the pics to the computer and that is no longer the case.

    I know what you mean as per your post but this is a different issue, but thanks.

  • D C

    Just not fun to come to the site anymore. It's not really "browsable". It's almost like the home page is a mistake, like a setting got changed or that it is for someone who has not yet set up a user account and they are seeing everything generalized.

  • D C

    Can't help but notice a huge drop in activity since they made this change. Normally when I check Houzz for the day I would have 8-12 notifications, since the change 0-2. Think they will ever change back?? Seriously, is anyone paying attention to that at Houzz? No one is using the site because it's so awkward!

  • PRO
    Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools

    Just saw the format change this week, here in Texas. I like to stay open to change in case it IS better than I expected. I see for Contractors who are using Houzz for business leads, they are in the forefront now. I'm not thrilled about the new format and hope it will return to a more user-friendly-for-photos-format soon. Thanks Houzz for listening to our input.

  • Connor Findley

    I don't want photos of houses.

  • D C

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I say that hesitantly in case something changes AGAIN. But it looks like Houzz finally sort of went back to the old format by adding the GET IDEAS button on the home page. Clicking that at at least gets you to where you can just look at photos and filter by what you want similar to the old format. 'Bout time.....

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