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DigDirt2 - It’s All Because of You

CA Kate z9
November 7, 2018

In an earlier thread you indicated that my 7-year-old Hot Sauce probably wasn’t safe to eat.

I tossed 2 and a half big jars, washed the jars, and had them sitting on the counter.

A friend asked what was with the jars.

I explained.

She wondered about the all little packets of sauces she keeps from take-out.

So, I googled it. ( Safe for a really long time.)

This led to a more extensive search about other condiments.

Turns out they have a relatively short ’safe’ life - after opening. (Hot sauces are some of the longest.)

Got out the ‘specks and the magnifying glass and went thru’ the fridge.

The ‘fridge is now devoid of ALL condiments, salad dressings, etc. . (I will not reveal just how old some were.)

Then I sent this list to everyone I email.

I have gotten letters back from almost everyone declaring how empty of condiments both their ‘fridges and pantries are now.

And it’s all because of your help with my thread.

We all thank you for bringing this Listeria problem to my attention. No one wants food poisoning.

I once had a friend who always wrote on the bottle/pkg. the date she opened it. I think I will start doing the same, because, for most, the end-date starts the minute you unseal the bottle.

Dave, Thanks Again! Kate

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  • digdirt2

    Wow Kate! Don't know that I have ever been credited with "a movement" much less a clean-out-your-fridge movement. Only the devil knows what lurks in the deep dark corners of your fridge. ;-)

    But I can't really take any credit. In truth all the credit belongs to Dr. Elizabeth Andress and all the other food scientists at NCHFP/USDA for all the research they have done into food safety over the past 12-15 years. The many publications and classes they have provided (prior to all the government funding cuts) are invaluable for us all and it is hoped some of their funding will be restored in the future.

    Until then, many of us here try to pass on all of that info to as many others as possible and hope they, like you, pass it on as well.


    PS: dating when opening is an excellent idea

  • annie1992

    Kate, I try to clean the fridge of condiments regularly, because I also "collect" jars of pickles, relish, hot sauce, mustard, you name it.

    So, another thanks to Dave, for reminding me that I need to do that again...

    Dave, Dr. Andress will be one of the presenters at the Great Lakes Fruit and Vegetable Growers Expo in Grand Rapids. I'm going!! She's going to do a presentation on pectin and the science behind whether or not it will gel.


  • CA Kate z9

    When my family was at home I wouldn’t have had a worry, but once we became two, and then I became one, using up these condiments in a reasonable time became The Problem. We have a local independent grocery that caters to the older/elderly population in my area and carries many products in the small jar/boxes/pkgs. And, I still threw out many of those!

    I should mention that most of those on my email list are ones or twos, and like me, have trouble using up a whole jar of just about anything.

  • jeanwedding

    not me but Hubby has plenty.Hey buyall kind of Cr. w/o checking the ingredients list. I have to say acc spill jars.. Or will throw contents into the woods..

    Im not about to throw out but maybe the many cherry tomato canned jars. Okra too im leary of.. Diily Okra naw stull got some. yum yum.

    You dont know about half the proc food we buy.

    DR D says (natural flavor) means "none of your business". Same way with "spice" I called one company that mfg the nitrate free turkey bacon(wellshire) I think... and asked what "spice " meant I believe she said "celery seed or salt" and sent me several cents off coupons. Hum

    Heck I got stuff I canned fro 2011 ...My only real canning marathon yr. I only threw out 6 qt. jars that my new hard to use American Canner didnt get up to the correct pounds. It killed me to do so. They were the most gorgeous Cherokee yellow beans and were delicious, and my first really serious seriously garden in my big somewhat city suburb front yard.. Back yard too shallow. Only had 20 feet deep or so...I was so blessed that yr....

    They looked okay but I knew of no test to try.. I prob didnt toss them out in the woods till at least 2014 or later. I kept looking at em in a milk tote in the basement sighing,,,Boo hoo

  • ditnc

    Speaking of Dave (digdirt2), does he come to this forum anymore? Just curious, as I haven’t been here for ages and he taught me soooo much!

  • annie1992

    Oh yes, Dave is here regularly, but it's not canning season right now, so "traffic" is a little slow....


  • ditnc

    Thanks, Annie. He taught me so much about growing veggies, especially tomatoes. Glad he still posts on this forum.

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