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DIlemma with centering a bed

Heather Rivlin
April 17, 2019

My son has a queen size bed with a sizeable headboard. A recessed potlight in the bulkead above the bed is centered for the wall. There is a closet door, however, at the far end of the wall and I’m struggling with whether I centre the bed on the wall, taking into account the door, or center it based on the light above. I plan to hang 4 pictures above the headboard and if I

center it on the wall, the pictures will look offset because of the door.

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  • tartanmeup

    Not sure I understand how the pictures will look offset because of the door. How long is the wall? Could you share a picture so we can better visualize the dilemma?

  • Heather Rivlin

    If I center the bed in the room relative to the ceiling, it will fall right under the ceiling’s pot light which is great,, and I imagine it should ideal. However, because there is a door right on the corner on that same wall, the wall appears visually shortened by 3 feet (the door’s width) so when I center the bed for the ceiling, it looks like it’s offset to the right because it falls closer to the door than it does to the corner on the other side. Does that make sense? I attached pictures initially of the room.

    imagine the wall is 20 feet long. In an ideal situation the center of the headboard would be at the 10 foot mark. Now, because there is a 3 foot wide door frame on the corner of that wall, the wall portion is actually 17 feet because the door takes up the remaining 3 feet. If I place the bed 10’ in from the corner, it’s 10’ from one corner, and 7’ from the door opening, which makes It visually appear off center, even though it is. That’s because it’s centered on the ceiling, not the wall.

    If I ignore the door, I have 17’ of wall, and centering it on the wall would mean 8.5’ from the door and 8.5’ from the other corner. Now its centered for the wall, but no longer under the potlight, as the potlig was centered on the ceiling.

  • tartanmeup

    I get it now, thanks. Any way to dissimulate the closet door? Could painting it (and its frame) the same colour as the wall help? I'd want to centre the bed on the wall, ignoring the closet door. (Your pics didn't post. The site is often glitchy when it comes to pics in OPs.)

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Center the bed under the light once the art is hung it will take your eye there. Paint the closet door the same as the walls too.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    BTW try posting the pics in a comment

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