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Enabler Alert - Quilt Stash

February 11, 2019

If you like a mystery, you might like this. Not affiliated with Jordan Fabrics.

Just thought I'd pass along a good deal on fabric, if you want to build your stash.

Happy Quilting, y'all!

Jordan Fabrics Mystery Half Yard Mix Up - $39 (US)

" This Mystery Mix-Up is full of 13 different 1/2 yard cuts.

- Every package is different, with no duplicates. Each contains 7 batiks and 6 prints.

- The pictures below do not show the exact fabrics you will receive,

but they are representative of the medley of prints contained in each box.

- These are the same top quality fabrics that we use in our kits from Hoffman Fabrics,

Kanvas, Riley Blake, Paintbrush Studio, Robert Kaufman, Anthology, RJR, and Moda."

Comments (10)

  • nannykins

    $52.00 Cdn. Still a bargain but there is 'no room at the inn'.


  • geezerfolks_SharonG_FL

    That's a good price but my stash doesn't need mystery fabrics. If it was all TOT, I might consider it. Thanks for sharing.......

  • grammyp

    Must not buy fabrics, must not buy fabrics, must not buy fabrics ......

  • Char

    If I buy anymore my husband may kick me out, LOL!

  • quiltnhen

    Gotta admit...I'm up here trying to organize the mess I call my sewing room and don't even need a scrap...so of course I looked! Luckily it said file not found. You'd thing after I gave it three tries they'd find it wouldn't you. Saved by technology!

  • Larri

    Ooh! They must've sold out. Definitely saved by technology! ;)

    I ended up not purchasing either, since I couldn't envision any project with it. Trying to only buy fabric when completing something specific. Happy Stitching, y'all!

  • ritaweeda

    There is something very sick about having a hobby that lately you haven't felt like doing much with and yet you wind up buying EVEN MORE fabric anyway. (I did that yesterday with an Amazon gift certificate.) Why???

    For some reason I'm having a very hard time making myself work on this latest project. Actually I guess there's good reason. I was sick for over 3 weeks with this very nasty respiratory thing going around (DH got it first and brought it home.) Then the past 3 weeks were spent dealing with my poor sis loosing her DH. Plus my dog came in with a hole in her face and had to get it stapled up and wore the cone of shame for 2 weeks amidst all this. The vet and I can only guess that she went chasing something and ran a stick into her face. It was just under her eye so it could have been much worse.

    I guess I'm just fatigued both physically and emotionally. I don't know if my energy is ever going to return. Maybe when the fabric comes in I'll get a little bit happy??

  • nannykins

    Feeling for you Rita and hope the quilting Goddesses come to your rescue soon.

    It is so disheartening to know that you want to do something and then life jumps in and bites you. I had good plans last night for things to do today. But after a night of no sleep and a dose of reflux, here I lie on my bed, intentions shot to pieces.

    But as Scarlett said " Tomorrow is another day".

    Hang in there Rita!


  • Char

    Hope things turn around for you soon, Rita. Keep your chin up and make plans for that new fabric you ordered. Theresa, do you have a foam wedge for your bed? Or at least a stack of pillows to keep you more upright when sleeping? That can help quite a bit with reflux.

  • msmeow

    Rita, I’m so sorry to hear of all your trials. Sending prayers for your sister, too. I‘m so glad your doggie is okay now! That must have been scary. You need a long weekend at the beach. :)


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