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How to fill extra floorspace in an open concept home?

Debbie Comerford-Lalonde
November 17, 2015
last modified: November 17, 2015

Hello, we are living in an open concept home . I have created a sitting area around the fireplace with a loveseat, couch, ottoman and chair on a neutral rug but there is still a big gap of open floor space in behind and thinking someone must have a great idea on how to fill it or arrange furniture to lessen it. We recently tried angling the love seat to use up some of it

My sister is getting rid of 2 leather club chairs and would love to use them somehow whether in the sitting area or in behind in a separate seating arrangement. In the photos you .can see the view from beside fireplace looking thru to kitchen, then the open space and the sitting area around the fireplace. The patterned rug is at my front door . Small walls are closet and walk in pantry (from the kitchen) We currently have an armoir and small computer table in the area but either can be moved elsewhere. Is there somekind of program one can use to place furniure to see how it would look? Thanks in advance

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  • PRO
    KHB Interiors

    An additional seating area may work. Go to the Pottery Barn ( can't believe I'm sending you there online ) but only to use their floor planner app. It's extremely easy for anyone to use.

    Best of luck!
    KHB Interiors New Orleans
  • PRO

    How about some dimensions for the room and is there a TV in this space? If so where are you hiding it?

  • Debbie Comerford-Lalonde

    no tv in the room. I wanted it to be a sitting /reading conversation room with the tv downstairs. Per the house listing the room is 26 x19 but that is right up to the front door I have a 5x7 foot rug in front of the door so ithe space is really 14 x26

  • handmethathammer

    You could move the black recliner to that spot. I would square up the loveseat to get is away from the window (or have sofa and loveseat exchange spots). Maybe even move the sofa table to be behind the loveseat (or couch) in that empty space. Would that wood cabinet fit in the space between the window and patio doors? I would like to see how it looks there and move that little computer table to the wall under the clock.

  • Debbie Comerford-Lalonde

    i could move the armoire between the big windows, but not near the patio doors or it will block the light switch. I have 2 leather club chairs that recline i would like to try and fit into the room or make a sep seating area for them

  • laurkade
    Not fully grasping sizes/ scale of everything in your pictures. Since no one else has replied to your post, here are some suggestions for you to try or think about:
    Move sofa facing fireplace w/sofa table behind it
    Place club chairs from sister on each side of fireplace angled
    Move loveseat under widow where computer table is
    (If computer table needs to remain, try it as sofa table behind love seat)
    Move ottoman from other area in front of love seat
    ( try rug in front of door under it??)
    Is armoire too big to fit beside fireplace?
    Place leather chair on wall where armoire is now ( could place small table, floor lamp, or magazine holder beside etc)
    Is that a floor clock beside armoire? Whatever it is move where aquarium is. Could possibly try book shelf by fireplace her as curio shelf
    Try aquarium on right side of fireplace -that way not first thing see when enter front door if you haven't had time to clean

    If you try any of my suggestions, and post pictures, I will be able to make additional suggestions to you.
  • laurkade
    Not certain I see where you are telling handmethehammer you could place armoire??? That is a good suggestion to try for armoire and move computer table under clock. You could then square off leather chair beside loveseat. I would also trade out throws --orange one draped over corner of sofa and off white draped over loveseat or corner of leather chair.
  • Debbie Comerford-Lalonde

    I will try your suggestions but i am alone today . I am going to tinker with this room planner program KB Interiors told me about (thank you ). Here is the current floorplan, it may not be exactly bang on measurement wise but it's really close

  • ninigret

    open space is good, especially when the furniture style you have has higher backs. if you filled it all the space would look like a furniture store.

  • decoenthusiaste

    I would immediately snap up the two chairs. You are really snugged up to the FP,. Take your two sofas and place them back to back with the sofa table between them. Center the sofa table with the plaque between the windows. Center the large sofa with the firebox and the loveseat behind it. Pull the hassock/coffee table within 18" or less of the large sofa. That will allow you to pull the rug a bit farther from the hearth. I like to see 18" or more of floor between a rug and hearth. Pull the black chair out of the corner and angle it in front of the wider part of that window. This will allow access to that bookcase by the FP. Place the two leather chairs on the long side of the rug, opposite the window. Try the rug at the door on the loveseat side of the arrangement. Here are some visuals of the basic concept.

    Lake Martin Retreat · More Info


  • decoenthusiaste

    Have you done any rearranging yet?

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