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I love the striped ones!

June 15, 2013

4th of July




Looks similar to "4th" but more of a antique white


This year was not as good last year even though we had more rain for some reason.

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  • dublinbay z6 (KS)

    Yes, I like striped ones also, but what is the name of the last one with the antique white? Cool colors!


  • dublinbay z6 (KS)

    Yes, I like striped ones also, but what is the name of the last one with the antique white? Cool colors!


  • darobi2459

    I dont remember Kate :( maybe someone here knows. Thanks :)

  • nummykitchen

    Beautiful! I also am a fan of the striped ones, each bloom is so unique!

  • socks

    They are pretty.

    I think they make an interesting addition to a garden, and people always seem to enjoy seeing them.

    Here's my Scentimental. Unfortunately, trees have grown and shade the bush too much, but it still blooms (less and smaller blooms possibly) and has no mildew.


  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    Very pretty, especially the last one, which has such soft colors. I have Rasberry Parfait which has stripes and wish that I had a few more of those beauties.

  • Kippy

    My one and only striped rose

    Purple Splash. She is VERY happy to have a prime spot in the garden.


  • onewheeler

    Oh that Purple Splash is gorgeous. I wonder how hardy she is.....

    I too adore the stripes. I have as many as I can find that are tough enough to grow in my climate.

  • kentucky_rose zone 6

    I like to share my roses and the rose that people ask the most about is Scentimental!

  • ken-n.ga.mts

    I like strips also. Every stripe I've had up in N.GA doesn't like the summers at all. You're last rose looks like Soaring Spirits. Take a look on HMF.

  • darobi2459

    Purple Splash and Raspberry delight are both on my list! I asked about the hardiness for Rasberry before on here on many people who have it said Z5 is fine. They were actually selling that one at Lowes this year too!

    The striped ones always seem to smell so good too!

  • anntn6b

    Unmentioned so far is "Lemons and Oranges" which is (as you might guess) yellow and orange.

    Over a decade ago at the American Rose Society garden in Shreveport there was a planting of the striped roses readily available at that time.

    The ten bushes of L&O were by far the healthiest and most bloomiferous for that batch at the end of their first bloom.

    (Fourth of July is semi double with its red being the same saturated red as its parent Altissimo. I don't think I've ever seen FoJ with as many petals as yours or that shade of pink.)

  • darobi2459

    I found this here on the board. Some good pics of ones we havent talked about :) I may be wrong about the names of my two stripes, Im pretty sure one of them is 4th though unless it was marked wrong at the store. Both of mine are turning 4 this summer too :)

    Here is a link that might be useful: past striped rose discussion here

  • lesmc

    That last one looks like Cabana. One of my favorite stripes. I`m not an expert, but my best guess. lesley

  • Lady_of_Shalott

    I also love the striped roses. All of the pictures posted are really beautiful.
    darobi2459 - That last rose is really pretty.

    I have just ordered my first stripe rose from RU - Rock & Roll. Can't wait to see it bloom.

  • ratdogheads z5b NH

    My purple splash is 12' high, and reaching higher in it's third year. Very vigorous. Lost no more than 6" of the tips this past winter with no special protection.

  • ratdogheads z5b NH

    Here's George Burns

  • ratdogheads z5b NH

    Scentimental & Moondance.

  • darobi2459

    Thanks Lady_of_Shalott! My roses are growing like crazy! They stand 6ft now. I didnt cut them back as much this past year. Probably a mistake which is why they didnt bloom as good this year, but lesson learned. I wish I had more sun for some of these others!

  • roseblush1

    My favorite stripe, 'Kim Rupert', was named for him by Ralph Moore to honor both their long friendship and Kim's work in breeding roses. He's know as Roseseek on Garden Web


    Here is a link that might be useful: Kim Rupert on HMF

  • socks

    Interesting, Roseblush. If I had room, I'd love to have Kim Rupert.

  • socks

    Interesting, Roseblush. If I had room, I'd love to have Kim Rupert.

  • Holly Kline

    Great pics! Stripeys are my favorites. I've got an Oranges and Lemons (4th year), a Scentimental (3rd year), a George Burns, a Chihuly, a Hypnotize, and a Beaupaire (1st year).

    Here is a link that might be useful: The Striped Rose Diaries

  • seil zone 6b MI

    Stripes are fun! I have several but I think I need more!

    Candy Land

    Honorine de Brabant

    Isolde Hit

    Red Intuition

    Stars n Stripes

  • mori1

    Isolde Hit is simply beautiful and now on my want list.

  • Lady_of_Shalott

    Seil, What lovely roses! I simply must have that Isolde Hit. Where did you purchase it?

  • bethnorcal9

    The stripeys are some of my faves too.... (second only to the oddball colors.)




























    ZEBRA (out of focus)

  • floridarosez9 Morgan

    Gorgeous, Beth. Do you have them in one bed or mixed in with your other roses? My eyes might cross if I saw them all together, I think.

  • bethnorcal9

    They're all over the property in different beds, and pots. That ain't even all of them. LOL

  • seil zone 6b MI

    You always have the best ones, Beth! I love that Stranger!

    Isolde Hit was one of those "gift" minis for Valentine's Day at a local nursery. I've trained my brother well though. He wouldn't buy it unless it had a name tag in it!!

  • nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

    Beth, you're one of my rose heroes when it comes to striped or oddball roses, as well as rose photography in general. On HMF, I often seek out your photos on purpose as I find they tend to reflect a rose's actual colors in my yard without glorifying it or downplaying its potential. The other day I opened your HMF garden photos just to drool at the amazing potential reflected in your wealth of terrific photos. Among these, that Stranger is to die for, and I've had Roedean and Soutine on my wish list for years in response to your photos. I had both Mockingbird and Rembrandt van Ryn die on me in recent years, but I'm hoping another round I can get them to survive. Simsalabim is sadly beyond my zone's scope, I fear.

    Here are some photos of my striped roses that add to those shown by other striped fans:

    Alfred Sisely, one of the great Delbard painted roses - a surprisingly prolific bloomer


    Andre Willemse


    Broceliande, from Eurodesert


    Stars 'n' Stripes, a very tall and prolific bush for me (5-6 feet and higher)


    Rockin' Robin




    Oranges and Lemons - as Ann mentioned this one is a reliable bloomer and prolific for me. The blooms do fade to a more solid dark orange as they age


    Berries 'n' Cream, a nice mannerly climber (striped rose breeders must love apostrophes...)


    My beloved Edgar Degas, from Ashdown, easily one of my top 10 favorite roses. It's a semi double but it blooms its little heart out, and spreads out wider than it is tall. Mine is probably 3 feet tall by 5 feet wide, and is never out of bloom. I love the variability of the striping on the various blooms.


    Fiesta - stays relatively short and lighter pink stripes


    Here's Marylene, a rose that I thought was supposed to be consistently apricot, but it has put out several of these striped blooms. I don't think it's a sport, but we'll see. I'm certainly not complaining - sorry it's a bit blurry, though


    I forgot if anyone else has posted a photo of Tenacious, but it has lived up to its name, although remaining short


    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos of striped roses!


  • nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

    Forgot the subtle striping of the noble Vick's Caprice. The lilac pinks don't have as many striped cultivars as the hot pink or red varieties, so this one is very welcome.


  • rosetom

    Good gosh, Beth!

    That's about 3-4 times as many as you had a few years ago.

    I want to know right now ;-) - where did you get Simsalabim and Stranger? I've never seen anything like those two!

  • bethnorcal9

    Hey Cynthia, your roses & photos are gorgeous!! I have most of those you show here. Thought about ordering FIESTA, ROCKIN' ROBIN and STARS 'N' STRIPES. But then I realized, I really don't have enough time to properly take care of what I already have. It's ridiculous. I really need to stop. LOL

    Rosetom, I really do have an awful lot, don't I? It's sad how the addiction can get out of hand. LOL.. As for SIMSALABIM and STRANGER, I got those from two different people, and they both no longer propagate theses roses, as far as I know. I don't want to divulge their identities, because I don't want people bombarding them with requests to do so. I know of some people who are quite good at rooting the florist roses, but I don't have much success. You might try to find these at a local florist and see if you can root them yourself. It's my understanding that SIMSALABIM apparently has a tendency to revert back to it's sport parent, which I believe is the yellow florist rose FRISCO. I haven't seen it happen much on my plant, luckily. If I were good at rooting I migh consider trying it, but at this point in time, I just don't have the time to do so.

  • rosetom

    Figures ... thanks anyway and I'll keep my eye out. Help Me Find was useless for those two, too. :(

  • onewheeler

    Not sure how to post pics here anymore, it's been awhile. This one if it loads is Moore's Striped Rugosa.

    Well that worked so here is another.

    Honorine de Brabrant

    Shoot, after that only one loaded. I will try again later.


  • dublinbay z6 (KS)

    Valerie, if you use GW's method of uploading pics, you can only do one pic per posting. However, just do another posting with one pic, and another posting with one pic, etc. A bit awkward, but it works.

    Love your Honorine.


  • nsdjohn

    FYI rosetom, both Stranger and Simsalabim will be available at the CCRS Rare and Unusual Rose Auction in November. They do take internet bids and will hold plants till spring for anyone in a cold climate.

  • onewheeler

    Thanks Kate.

    Here is Moore's Striped Rugosa.

  • Desertgarden-Las Vegas, Z 9/W. Z 8b TX


    Is your Honorine de Brabant mature, and if so, has it formed a rounded shrub and how large is it?


  • onewheeler

    Hi Lynn. Yes she is mature but in my climate, Z5b, it is about 4 feet tall and maybe 2 feet wide. I imagine in your zone it would grow much bigger. It is a very striking and beautiful rose.

    Beth, I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed your pictures.


  • canadian_rose

    This is Julio Iglesias. The form doesn't hold very long - but the scent is intense.


  • canadian_rose

    This one is Rock & Roll. Nice fragrance! Lots of flowers with intense colors. Lasts a long time.

  • ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

    My Goodness!
    I am a newbie to rose growing, but my gosh some of those striped roses had me stopping in my tracks. Stranger, Simsalabim, Rembrandt Van Ryn, Rusty, and Red Intuition are amongst the loveliest stripes roses I've ever seen. Where on Earth did you find those? I've acquainted myself with many varieties through Rose Encyclopediae, but I can't recall anything quite like those.

    That Isolde Hit is gorgeous as well.


  • bethnorcal9

    Jay, as I mentioned above, SIMSALABIM and STRANGER are pretty much not available unless you can root a stem from the florist. REMBRANDT VAN RYN is from Hortico in Canada. RED INTUITION you can get either from Wisconsin Roses, or Palatine Roses (Canada). RUSTY may be available from Regan's. It comes from Certified Roses in Tyler Texas, so you might even find it at WalMart or Lowe's in bareroot season. Oops, I just checked Regan's and they do not list it for the 2014 season. Yikes, I also just looked at Certified Roses wholesale website, and they no longer list RUSTY! Bummer. It's a gorgeous rose.

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