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Landscape design idea needed

March 2, 2019

Any advice of possible design

on this smaller scale backyard

size is 40x25deep.

I would like to include a seating area, dining and gazebo with hot tub. Any ideas appreciated.

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  • PRO

    Show the back of the house from square on, not an an angle. Include some surroundings at left and right sides. if you can't get the entire picture in the photo frame, just pivot the camera (while remaining at the same location) and take slightly overlapping photos, posting each, not converting them into a computer generated panorama. Also, stand next to the back center of the house and show us the view you see.

  • jenifferlou
    Thanks so much for your quick response Yardvaark Unfortunately I’ve just purchased this home and I don’t have any better pictures
  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    Is there an HOA and if so, what kind of rules regulate things like fences and plantings? It seems like with your wishes, getting rid of the lawn and having a combination of shrubs with groundcovers in garden beds for privacy and ambiance along with paved areas with the seating, dining, and hot tub areas differentiated into sections by planting beds might be your best bet. For inspiration look at a bunch of the projects from the designer linked below, Johm Algozzini of K&D Landscape Management. His patio areas are broken up with planting beds into areas related to their function. I find his work really appealing and far more attractive than the more typical expanse of unbroken paving that is often seen.


    Start folders of landscape ideas you find appealing, here on Houzz or in garden magazines or books from the library or from other online sites.

    As Yardvaark said, more info is needed to make useful comments. In addition to the photos he suggested:

    What are exposures for sun and shade; what direction does the back of the house face?

    Generally where are you located, such as state or province and nearest large city? And what USDA growing zone?

    Do you have access to a plot plan or can you do a screen capture of the house and plot from the town tax website or even from Google maps? The current photos make it difficult to judge access, how much useable side yard you have, etc.

    Are there views you want to enhance or block such as neighbors behind you or a greenspace? We can’t see what is on the other side of the fence.

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