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living room suggestions

Trice K
December 5, 2018
Hi all. I am in the process of purchasing a home and looking for design/ Reno ideas. I’m vanilla when it comes to these things. I don’t even know what my “style” is. Maybe modern? I have a toddler, so I will probably have to stay away from light colors.

1. Living Room Is not that big, so I was thinking a sectional? I like grey, because it’s a lighter shade but kid friendly. Should I replace the ceiling fan? I will be staining the floors to a dark brown color.

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  • groveraxle

    Patrice, take your time. No one ever died from sitting on these for a month or two.

    From the looks of the ONE dining room photo you saved in your ideabooks, I'd say your style is transitional. Take some time and save photos in ideabooks for each room of the house. Make notes on them. If you fall in love with a rug or a sofa or a piece of art, that might be your starting point.

    I would not buy a thing till you have at least a basic plan.

    Once you've looked at the pictures, come back here and post an inspiration room or two. We can help you fill in the missing pieces and source stuff, and save you from buying a bunch of stuff you regret.

  • grapefruit1_ar

    I see that you are concerned about wall color because you have a toddler. Does your child touch the walls? My biggest concern would be dark floors with a child, pets, guests, breathing, etc. If you want to keep dark floors clean be prepared to spend way too much time caring for them. They are a nightmare.

  • leelee

    I don't blame you for wanting to get the floors re-done before you move in. It's a dusty, stinky process that's easier before all of your stuff has moved in. Go ahead with that. Then wait on other decisions. Get a Swifter. Darker floors don't get dirtier they just show what's there more. So same amount of dirt either way.

  • Trice K

    You’re right. I have been looking at so many pics. I just feel like there is soo much that I am clueless about. Traditional? Well, at least you see a trend in those ideabooks. I feel like I’m all over the place. Haha. Thank you for your response.
  • Trice K

    I’m used to dark floors. Our apartment that we lived in for years had dark wood floors. You do notice more, but I’m a clean freak as it is so I’m always cleaning.

    My son doesn’t really touch the walls. I was more concerned about the furniture.
  • Trice K
    Thanks for the suggestion, Leelee!
  • Trice K

    I just realized that you said there was only one picture in the ideabook. I think the problem is that I alternate between my phone and laptop. I saved a bunch of pics. I’ll do it from my phone.

    I have the furnish the house, so unfortunately I can’t really wait that long (I wish I could. Trust me.)
  • Manon Floreat

    I like this from your ideabook. Totally doable in your room and a sofa with two chairs is a perfect start.

    Tape out the furniture sizes in the arrangement you want on the floor before you go shopping. It will save you the hassle of buying the wrong sizes.

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    Trice K thanked Manon Floreat
  • groveraxle

    Patrice, I didn't say traditional; I said the dining room photo you saved looked traNSitional.

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  • Manon Floreat

    Patrice, you know what you like. Between the two photos posted above (from your ideabooks), you already have the stylistic direction for your public rooms. I can easily see the furnishings from these two rooms in the same house!

    ETA: Perhaps you can address the AC wall unit before move in.

  • groveraxle

    I found this in your ideabook also, Patrice. Maybe you are a touch eclectic.

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  • Kendrah

    I like the idea of a sofa and two chairs. So many of the design dilemmas posted here are people trying to rearrange their living rooms around a sectional they purchased that has to remain in one location. There is so much less flexibility with a sectional. I also think sofa and chairs looks more living room like.

    Do you anticipate using a ceiling fan? Does it get hot where you are? Is there good cross breeze, I see an AC unit. If you won't use it, I would certainly replace it with a light fixture. If you do use a ceiling fan I would ditch this one for a look that has more slender blades. This one just takes up too much visual space for my liking.

  • PRO
    Seldens Furniture

    Like was previously stated I would keep creating ideabooks on houzz/boards on pintrest so you can get a definite idea of what you want. Your current ideabook shows many jewel tone accents. A deep violet, rich blue, or both violet and blue paired with grey would be toddler friendly :)

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  • PRO
    Nandina Home & Design

    We'll add a few pictures from our design portfolio to help you with ideas. Perhaps you will see something you like in them?

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    Updated Atlanta Bungalow · More Info

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    Modern Luxury Home · More Info

    Modern Luxury Home · More Info

  • HU-248100612

    As far as the ceiling fan goes, are you thinking of a new ceiling fan or maybe something a little more current? Check out this website: http://woodenchandeliersplus.com Good luck, the world is your oyster. Love the ideas of the darker floors for an update.

  • njmomma


  • celerygirl

    I would definitely get rid of fan lighting. I would go with curtains from wall to wall and from ceiling to floor, not skimpy, to open nice window.

  • Trice K
    Wow! Thank you for the visual, Celerygirl!!! I love how that looks in comparison!!

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