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Merry Christmas from my...

December 5, 2018

...elf to yours. He's celebrating his 50th birthday this Christmas. My mother put him on one of my Christmas presents my last year at home, 36 years before Elf on the Shelf was written in 2004.

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  • daisychain01

    Merry Christmas! My grandma had, what I am sure was, that same elf. It was always kept on one of the open shelves in her kitchen. We didn't associate him with Christmas at all because he was kept in her summer cottage. I think he's still there, actually and would probably be about 50, too.

  • Delilah66

    OK, I am officially your grandma, daisychain!

  • mayflowers

    I have a Christmas photo from 1967 with the elf hanging from the TV knob. I'd post it if I wasn't in my nightgown posed in front of the tree.

  • maddielee

    I have 2 that we purchased in the early 70s.

    For some reason my photos no longer post???

    eta: adding photo using my phone. Why doesn’t it post using my iPad?

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    That is most merry! I love that elf.

  • Fun2BHere

    Maddielee, I had the same problem with my iPad, then it start working again, now it's broken again. Houzz is changing something that makes posting photos from our iPads impossible.

  • neetsiepie

    My brother and I used to call them pixies. One year my brother developed a rash, right around the time he was playing with one of the pixies my grandmother had. Naturally we assumed he was allergic to pixies and my mom threw out the ones she had-more likely it was from the spray snow on the tree -you know that kind of stuff was pretty noxious back in the 60's and 70's!

  • cattyles

    Maddielee, I love your colored lights!

    Several of my elves are scattered in this photo. They are at least fifty years old.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Maddie, the elf on the left, in blue? We had that ornament!? It was my sister's!

  • maddielee

    Mtnrdredux, if the memory of a blue elf makes you happy, it’s blue! Christmas magic can turn a shiny green to blu.

    cattyles, thank you. We switched back to the colored lights when grand children and other little kids became part of our festivities again.

    I’m still having problems posting pictures....this is a test.

  • Delilah66

    Awww, schoolhouse, he's a sweetie!

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